Locking up illegal immigrants, family separation, and holding them in for profit "concentration camps"

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You mean to say that 9 year olds don’t respond to interrogation well?

I don’t buy her story, seems fishy. She is acting all tired and confused and frightened to trick us.

Claiming it is her on the passport and documents she is carrying is exactly what she says if she were an MS-13 professional rapist.

What’s your avatar from Johnny?

Exhibit on the pain of participating in capitalism while understanding it is fatally flawed.

This is like the episode of MASH where Major Burns brings a Korean family and their ox at gunpoint into the camp and proudly announces he arrested a group of spies that tried to disguise themselves as a Korean family having dinner.

„How do you know they are spies?“

„They looked a bit too much like a Korean family having dinner.“

Cool, that was the first time I could tell it was Lakeith and didn’t recognize it.

I’m currently on vacation in Montenegro and currently have two friends who were deported from the US a few months ago visiting from Bosnia and Serbia. They were locked up in Florida in a GEO group detention center and luckily it wasn’t overfilled but the food and medical attention was pretty horrible. Also the guards were all assholes, not too surprising. The women’s facility had about 100 on average, with about a 30 person turnover a day and the men’s facility had about 600 but would vary wildly from day to day depending on how many people left and how quickly they transferred more people from other facilities. They also said there were a lot of anemic people in there.

This is the issue no one should ease up on, people are dying in these camps and it’s only a precursor to what will happen if the country continues it’s descent into fascism.

I assume there’s like dozens of dead migrants that we aren’t hearing about.

My heart breaks more and more every day watching the cruelty affect the children being caught up in the nightmare this motherfucker has wrought.

Edit: First 8:45 touch on the topic at hand.

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Props to whomever said that free labour work camps was what they would be aiming for, welp I guess it’s nearly here after the SC decides on indefinite detention for migrants.

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That was me. Slave labor gift to the farmers and corporations on deck.

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I been posting this since way back.

But prison/slave labor reminds me of Zan Nen/Shame Trolley who we haven’t seen for a while.

Under M.Thatcher I worked an apprenticeship for £29.50 Per week.

Cost me more to go to work & then I had to pay room & board of £15 to my parents and that caused an argument which ended in me leaving the family home. I have never looked back, and they asked me to stay once they realised the situation I was in, I refused and went homeless.

My parents are non religious and fairly Liberal with my dad being a Union guy, but a boomer. I’ve never forgiven them for it and take nothing from them ever.