Leaving on that midnight train for Georgia Runoff

Because I’d rather live in Biden’s world than live without him in mine. Alternate title: Georgia runoff goes through Savannah

The date: Jan 5, 2021

Your headliners:

What’s at stake?

Oh just a little thing called control of the senate and ending Cocaine Turtle’s reign of terror.


  1. How much money will be spent on this thing?
  2. Will Trump stump, pout, or actively ratfuck?
  3. Will Senate and House dems promise a stimulus package ready to go with something like $2k for every American?
  4. Is a split win possible? Probable?
  5. Will GA even be done counting the votes by the time the 117th Congress convenes?
  6. How much will Biden stump? In 2008 Obama avoided the runoff. But stakes are much higher this time.
  7. Will Trumpers turnout?
  8. Will Buckhead Lululemon moms turn out?
  9. Will African Americans turnout? Lol that’s not a question - they got this.
  10. Will Arthur Blank come down to the field to cheer on the Republican candidates to certain victory?
  11. Will UGA still be live to painfully choking in the CFB National Title Game (Jan 11th)?
  12. Will the strippers at Cheetah III ever go home with me if I throw enough money at them?

Wife and I are jumping on the texting train the minute it leaves the station. I’m sure we’ll donate a ton, too.


A lot of money will be spent on our side on this thing.

Trump will be pouting on his deathbed and after Mitch and Fox News turned on him there’s an insanely real chance he goes full attack mode on the GOP out of pure malice. He’s going to want to blame someone and he’s wired to look for traitors. Rupert and Mitch are definitely the obvious candidates to be those people.

They’ll promise a stimulus and run on it if Mitch doesn’t give them something they can stomach. That’s why I think a stimulus gets done lame duck… and very possibly vetoed by Trump which would be the most 2020 thing ever. Particularly if it resulted in us getting those senate seats.

A split win is insanely unlikely. It comes down to turnout and the side with the most enthusiastic people is going to win. Atlanta has excellent reasons to feel responsible for the win we just had so I think they’ll be very energized. I think we have a better shot at this race than a lot of other people here do.

Trumper’s I have no idea about. The dial is spinning right now and we have no idea what narrative they are going to settle on. I think if it settles on its all rigged it probably hurts quite a bit, which is another reason I’m optimistic. I think we go from being a decent sized dog to a favorite if the average Trump voter thinks this election was rigged.

No idea who that is.

Atlanta will very likely do the exact thing they just did, down to the water main break, with machine like precision. Because at this point I’m pretty sure it went exactly according to plan for them this week.

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yeah, fox news has claimed that with republican senate warren as treasury and bernie as labor will not be possible.

fuck off gop. noone is buying it this time

We need to get creative on these kinds of things.

Can’t he just keep them “acting” forever, if he can’t get the senate votes?

As to #4, I can’t fathom a split. Somebody might have a more knowledgeable and different opinion. There will literally be two items on the ballot. Who splits their vote? Who votes in one race and leaves the other blank?

a republican might split their vote as a gesture of bipartisanship

Maybe the same people who gave a Democrat 47% in one race and 32% in the other?

The second race had like 20 candidates including Lieberman and other Ds.

Yeah I just saw that. Never mind.

Looking forward to some Georgia runoff poles!


Maybe I’m nuts but I can see a split.

Loeffler is extremely detestable. Purdue has the obvious name recognition and longevity, and frankly, Ossoff just keeps losing GA elections. People look at him and IMO don’t want the teenage looking kid as their representative.

I can definitely see some R’s with a Purdue/Warnock ticket.

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Perdue’s stock selling needs to be absolutely hammered - although I’m sure all of GA is already aware. But still. That clip from the debate needs to on loop 24/7.


Abrams needs to get to work and do whatever it was that she did one more time. If we pull both Senate seats (I don’t think we’ll get either), she needs to be DNC chair the next day.

I wonder if Ossoff and Loeffler are going to reach out to Warnock and Perdue, respectively and say “Twinsies?” Warnock and Perdue are like “yeah, no thanks. Good luck with yours.”

Ossoff is just such a mystery to me. How did he achieve the lofty status as the dude who gets to lose for Dems in GA. There was no one better who wanted it?

Hard to predict, on the one hand, Trumpkins aren’t going to show up in near the same #s. On the other, ATL suburbs that were radicalized (to the left) by Trump might start shifting back right because of taxes and shit.

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Yeah I don’t quite get it either. Fine, you want to run him in the GA6 special a few years ago, I can live with it. But then elevating him to statewide race after losing to Karen freaking Handel??

I swear Biden needs to spend the entire time explaining how marginal tax brackets work to the Atlanta suburbs.

Although one of the networks had a good point. Obama in 2008 ignored the GA runoff. No one wants to start their presidency as a big loss before it even starts. But this one really can’t be ignored given the stakes.

I’m not saying this guarantees victory or even makes it close, but this is the easiest runoff to message ever.

Democrats say: if you vote for us, our first order of business is to pass a covid stimulus package that will put $1500 dollars in the bank account of every person in Georgia. If you don’t, you won’t see a dime of help from Mitch McConnell because he already passed his stimulus package that bailed out millionaires and billionaires. Refine this and repeat 10000 times a day.