In Which We Ponder If Those Criticizing Police Are The Baddies

this is as naive as it gets, especially in today’s climate. they should be less hyper-alert to potentialities, huh?

how many cops have been shot since the protests started?

those stats are of no interest itt, clearly, and would likely be cheered if presented.

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what’s the ratio look like when we consider all the gun deaths in America? And how does it compare to other nations?

ie 25 total gun deaths in Japan, 1 by cop.

seems probably commensurate

7 (none at the protests)

I call bs

if not ‘at’ the protests, very peripheral to it, and owing to the insanity

If we defund them, fewer of them will get shot.

And how do you envision society without them?

seriously, I’m interest to know.

Not sure what you mean. There are about 15000 non-suicide shooting deaths a year in the US. Cops do like 3-6% of the shooting there and cops are like 0.3% of the population. I don’t know if you meant that was commensurate or not, but actually cops only being 10 or 20x as likely to kill someone with a gun is a little surprising.

this is some faulty logic, mister man.

their mandate makes their % of population meaningless

what I meant, I will rewrite here shortly via edit. it might not have been clear

I’m curious about total gun deaths ( suicide or otherwise) divided by deaths attributable to police using deadly force

for every country on earth

Why would you do that? You don’t think I look things up before I post them?

I looked up every officer shot and killed in the US before posting that.

The one who might be characterized as having something peripherally to do with the protests is a guy in the Air Force associated with the Right-Wing Boogaloo movement who killed the cop in Santa Cruz.

other than that
Florida fish and game cop
Mississippi cop transporting a psych case
Alabama cop something at a hotel
Detroit cop domestic violence
Utah cop domestic violence

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ok that’s fair

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This is going to be a meaningless number. Police shootings will be a high percentage of non-suicide gun deaths in Australia, but this simply reflects the very low gun homicide rate here.

I think I get that and it’s such a complicated thing to look at. We have a much higher police gun killing/gun killing ratio than say El Salvador - mostly because they have such a huge rate of gun killing. Compared to a country like France? We have like 4 times the rate of gun killing in general and about 8 times the rate of gun killing by cops. It’s more or less the same ratios with the UK with them having lower gun killing rates and lower police gun killing rates.

I don’t know…but I’m going to leave it at something like US cops are about twice as killy relative to their population as comparable cops are to theirs. But, that’s definitely shooting from the hip. :)

thrilled you replied. I think you are maybe the most thoughtful, considered poster on this page.

I might be fumbling with what I’m trying to say.

I theorize that the gun violence in this country, that has us sticking out like a sore thumb in a global sense, is why correspondingly the police shoot more

and if we can compare it to other nation’s overall violence, and the cops’ contribution… when they’re out there under duress and tasked with conflict resolution and deescalation, but shit goes sideways, and u best believe they self-preserve

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Australia has about a tenth the gun death rate as the US and it’s not far off from about one twentieth the killed by a cop’s gun rate as the US, so sticking with the US cops are twice as killy.

Anyone know how many people die in police custody not by gun?

Less than the number of people violently assaulted or murdered by police, by a significant margin.

That the police should be of the mindset that they have to kill everyone they come in contact is looney tunes.

lol relax. your solution? still waiting on trolly’s

Best comparable country I can come up for you is Argentina. They have a pretty similar homicide rate as the US and a pretty similar killed by cop rate. I don’t think anyone is saying the cops in Argentina (or anywhere else) are so great though.