I Voted!

  • I voted!
  • Bastard! (I’m a)
  • Not from LOL USA#19

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Thank you New Jersey for making it easy to mail in a ballot.


Do any states actually start counting votes before Election Day?




If you mail in a ballot did you really vote?


How can you decide who to vote for when they haven’t debated yet? Typical low-info voter.


Damn 80% not even in Murica. Outside influence!

Which one of you is going to adopt me when we get full hitler?

Brother we will all adopt you until it’s time to eat.

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Sorely tempted to rename this thread to “I Voted !(?)”


It feels like end of semester when finals are over

They’ll take you in Syria, probably similar lifestyle post trump 2020. Maybe better healthcare affordability.

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early voting doesn’t start here until October 14th

Please vote in person, whether early voting or on Election Day. I do not trust that there won’t be shenanigans pulled with the mail in and absentee voting.

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New York absentee ballots got mailed out last Friday. Probably won’t get it for a couple more weeks given how shitty Czech postal services are with international mail.

Maybe a good play for the democrats would be buying FFP2 masks and urge as many people to vote in person. Use staff and all the helpers you can find to help people getting their masks on the right way. With RBG’s death and a possible 6:3 majority I honestly dont think to relying on mail in voting is the best idea anymore.

I got my absentee ballot a day or two ago.

I’ve always had bad hand writing. To the point my signature from one page to the next could be mildly but significantly different (weird, I had someone try to duplicate my writing when I was subbing, he did a real good job to try to duplicate, and something about it stuck out. At the same time when looking at my brothers handwriting, its hard to differentiate between is writing and mine.)

Long story man, if my hand writing isn’t exact (it won’t be)…they are probably rejecting my absentee ballot, god fuck this.

US peeps can confirm voter registration status here. Also shows how to register if you or someone you know isn’t registered yet.

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Just filled out a voter registration card as best I could and put it in front of my roommates door after she went to work.


Filled out my Ballot in NJ for Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris, as well as straight ticket D for every other race. Will be taking it to a drop box tomorrow that gets collected by the board of elections once a day.

Vote. Him. Out.


yeah so sadly at age 44 in a purplish state I voted for President for the first time today. I’m the worst.


I was about your age when I 1st voted as well. (Obama’s 1st term)

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