I guess we need a Summer Olympics thread…?

Legal in the state she was in, also her parent had just died (not that she needs an excuse or should be apologizing). Amateur sports organizations are so terrible.

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Btw, I wonder if people see this the way I do. Does this upset by the insanely underdog americans give anyone else 1980s hockey vibes?

I get curling isnt hockey, but that double for 5 in the 8th made me literally stand up and yell “YEAHHHHHHH” at 1:30 in the morning. Not to mention the point against the 3 peat Canadians in the semis in the 8th to get them there.

If anybody needs a random excuse to root for someone this Olympics… Rachel Schneider qualifed for the women’s 5k this year. She’s the little sister of one of my closest friends from high school. The whole family is just the nicest, friendliest people you could ever come across.


Our continued demonization against what is essentially a non-pharmecutical anti-anxiety drug is absolutely astounding to me. Further proof we have no interest in actually addressing mental health needs.


For whatever reason, though I have no patriotic pride, I still tune into the olympics when its on. I generally pull for the Americans (except when they play the Canadians in hockey.)

Ill be pulling for Schneider


That’s like cheering for the Yankees.

I generally actively root against the US in everything. It is so fun to root for Europe in the Ryder Cup.

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Im a Brodeur fan from far back. I wanted to see him win everything (and he generally did)

USA beating Canada at Olympic hockey in Canada was the nuts.

Talk about cheering for the yankees.

Vancouver? Didnt Canada bounce back and beat the US in the final?

Yes but USA still got that one win in, it was pretty sweet.

In my record book the series was 1-1 and no medal was awarded

Come on, were you really rooting for this dude to miss this putt after trash talking Justin Rose?

I’ll root for USA in those but was rooting for Rory in that match vs Reed in 2016, I’ll give you that.

It’s gonna be an absolute shitshow in a few years when it’s in NY where the worst of the worst fans come out though.

If you were rooting against the US in curling, then you are broken inside.

Yeah, this.

Mo Farrah had been one of my favorite athletes of late, will have to find someone to root for now.


The insurrectionist supporters are predictably all over Twitter with their “just follow the rules” takes.