Great American hegemony - our definitions count, yours don't, wherever you are.

You’re so culturally impoverished and bereft of knowledge of the world you think Americans can decide what terms are racist elsewhere, based solely on their use in USA#1. You’ve got the government you deserve. Fuck off again.

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It looks like we can add to that list above your ignorance of how languages work and how meanings change with time and location.

Oh now this sounds more interesting than your risible attempts to impose cultural hegemony on the rest of the world. Which past posts are you referring to, conceited clown? Your pomposity and self-importance have always been there for all to see but here they are frankly off the scale.

You’re losing your mind. If lockdown loneliness is getting to you you could always create another imaginary lockdown gf.

At least some countries are willing to discuss racism. Czechs are full-on racist while still flat out denying it. Even the most left-leaning people here have some hate for at least one nationality or religion. Pretty much everybody here hates Roma and does little to hide their disgust.

There are no prefaces before making them. They’re just said. Here are some interesting images and articles:

86% of Czechs are opposed to non-EU migrants

The article above deals with perceptions of “mixed” relationships. Guess which country is most racist in the EU.

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Starting with 2:30 might be interesting.
" If I think of black face I think of lynching, when my husband does he thinks of Christmas".

“I did some researching, some digging, on wikipedia because that’s how you learn things in America.”

It’s only funny because it has some truth.

Re title change yeah it’d sure be a shame

I guess to a Euro “Ghetto blaster” isn’t racist against black people.

I mean it’s not like the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto had boom boxes. Now, if they were all blowing their shofars willy-nilly…

The phrase obviously came from American TV and was adopted here by black and white youths alike despite “ghetto” not being a UK thing.

Those posters saying “Oh look I’ve googled some references to British ghettos” are, hopefully with the best of intentions but again ignorantly, quoting mainly from far right newspapers some of which actually supported Hitler ffs. I wonder why those sources might want to create the idea of ghettos here?

Yeah far right racists are the people who use the term here too.

Like, “oh in Britain we don’t even USE the word ghetto, how can it be racist?” followed up with “those instances you found of British people using the word ghetto are all racists who liked hitler, what do you expect?”… seriously, you need to re-evaluate here.

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I lived for 15 years in the UK, 7 in the Philippines and the rest in Australia. I wouldn’t have thought of it as racist, but I can definitely see that it is.

Doubling down on this is weird.

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Again, no, you’re missing the point. The phrase ghetto blaster was adopted here along with other Americanisms , probably mainly because it was American and thus was assumed to be hip, without consideration of its usage.

If someone can convince me it had racist connotations here (not only in the US) I’ll gladly not use it again, but you’re a long way off doing that.

Again, refer to the thread title.

Well there you are. The reason you wouldn’t have thought of it as racist here is because of common usage.

I don’t know what you mean by doubling down in this case.

Also, in b4 someone follows cuserounder down his rabbit hole by comparing it with the n word again.

Ok so let me follow the logic here.

America - a DEEPLY racist country - develops a term for a boom box. The term is, in America, understood to be racist and was developed in concert with a bunch of actual attempts to stop black people from using them in the street. The reason it’s racist in America is because American racists derogatorily call black neighborhoods ghettos.

In Britain, you guys hear Americans using this term and pick it up. British people are aware that America is super racist, and racists in Britain ALSO use “ghetto” as a derogatory term for black neighborhoods. There is no non-racist connotation for “ghetto” in Britain, you just claim that Britain doesn’t have any ghettos which… ok? Based on that, you confidently claim that in Britain, the term can’t possibly be racist. Except when the racists use it, I guess.

I just really don’t understand what’s different between the two. Its like some dude who hangs a swastika on his apartment wall being like “In America there are no negative connotations to this. The only people you even see using swastikas in America are legit hitler supporting nazis. Maybe in Germany they had some racist intent, I just like the design”


Stopping you there. Probably not, in the 80s. How many Americans even knew America was super racist back then?

Stopping you here too. Those articles were recent, not from the 80s, which means that

is incorrect.

Some people in country Racistlandia invent a pejorative term for a fashionable item, that has racist implications. Some people in country Naivelandia hear the new term for the item without context, and don’t get the racist overtones because part of the phrase isn’t used in their country, and it’s widely adopted with no hints of racism attached. Fuck those racist assholes?

Ok fine. Given that you NOW know that America is super racist and you NOW know that the term was developed with racist intent and you NOW know that in Britain people also use the word ghetto in a racist way, can you NOW just please fucking admit that the term isn’t any less racist in Britain?

I’m not trying to pile on for saying stupid shit 30 years ago when you didn’t know any better, but you currently do know better and you’re still digging in your heels.


If it’s explained to them that it has racist overtones, and has from the start, and they refuse to stop using it… yes.

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I added an important clause.

Uh oh. You’re talking about a tiny number of essentially propagandists as if they form some significant or representative part of the population. Come on. You’re not arguing in good faith.

It’s like when you tried to claim I said you HAD to take the stairs instead of the lift, when in fact I said no such thing.