GOP insanity containment thread 3: worse than strom thurman

“You want family separation?”

Lol. What a nutbag

I really dont understand how all these psycho women end up on the repUblican side of congress.

Probably has something to do wIth DEI.


I mean what she really wants is to take the brown kids and stuff em into garbage bags and toss them into the ocean. And if she could find their “so-called” parents, she’d do that to them as well.

If you think Rep. Luna, who has Nazi heritage, didn’t lean into her Hispanic heritage to win her district and lead into broader Hispanic outreach then uh can’t help you there.

Jesus fucking christ


I would laugh just the same

The mask is really slipping for RAIDS in multiple threads regarding DEI

Humphrey’s bill, House Bill 3084, would ban “students who purport to be an imaginary animal or animal species, or who engage in anthropomorphic behavior commonly referred to as furries at school” from participating in class and school activities.

The bill would require parents or guardians to pick the student up from school.

But, if parents are unable to pick the student up, the bill says “animal control services shall be contacted to remove the student.”


these people are so dumb. they are still sending around that chain email about the urban myth of the litter boxes in classrooms from 3 years ago.


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wtf? is there any evidence of actual furry children in schools? is this a joke? that would be a dress code violation.

Iowa is the 7th best state? I’ve never been there but struggling to come up with any reason to do so.

Its a hoax perpetrated on idiot white moms. Its just more “we hate trans people” bullshit


If it passes, every kid should say they’re a furry.

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there was a chain boomer facebook meme that used to go around about how someone’s friends husband was a principal and a kid at the school requested a litterbox because he identified as a cat and the school had to put a litter box in the classroom for fear of the liberal trans police. and literally they all believed it and incorporated it into their own mythos. My godmother repeated it back to me word for word one time as if she knew the person friends cousins husband…


There was even an irony piece in that, yes, kitty litter was in classrooms for a bit, but that was so kids had an emergency toilet when they were locked in their rooms because their school was getting shot up. I’m sure that didn’t solidify the rest of the world’s views that we’re the dumbest country on the planet:

The only known official instance of cat litter being placed in school classrooms for potential use by students was in the late 2010s by the Jefferson County Public School District in Colorado, where the 1999 Columbine High School massacre took place. Some teachers were given “go buckets” that contained cat litter to be used as a toilet in an emergency lockdown situation, such as during a school shooting.


Same, but my mother in law. I think it was repeated to her the same way by one of her friends, so she swears her friend isnt lying. I dont really know I wasnt really listening.

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OK so it turns out that MAGAs in Oklahoma were feeling left out of the conversation and it’s a competition to figure out who can get articles written about them by proposing batshit stuff.

Humphrey apologized but then doubled down.

He said: “I apologize for using the word Hispanic, but I was not wrong. Again, these are Hispanic. Reality is they are Hispanic. There’s nothing to be ashamed with.”


@WichitaDM wat?

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The Republican state representative JJ Humphrey introduced the bill, [HB 3133] which seeks to combat problems in the state, such as drug and human trafficking, and lay out punishments to those who have committed these “acts of terrorism”.

The punishment for such a crime would be forfeiting all assets, including any and all property, vehicles and money.

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.[3]

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