GOP insanity containment thread 3: more human than strom thurman

I see a 10K. I make a new thread.


TIL that the Paul family claims that Rand Paul was not named after Ayn Rand.

We really don’t talk enough about Rand Paul’s neighbor heroically kicking the shit out of him.


That’s because he’s a failure who should have done more damage.


Typical shitlib

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How it started/how it’s going:


So today while canvassing for the good guy I walked past the house of our local wannabe Nazi ( He had two signs up, one for himself and one for his preferred presidential candidate: Vivek :leolol:


Pure Satan here

The conservative version of virtue signaling is talking about how dangerous and crime ridden San Francisco has gotten.

just generically talking about cities “burning” (coincidentally all of these people never leave the exurbs, constantly complain on the facebook pages of hip restaurants about them only having locations in the city, and also yell about how they WON’T LIVE IN FEAR)


I interact with a bunch of conservatives through work and my family and increasingly when I’m around these people they just bring up San Francisco in particular regardless of the conversation. It’s real bizarre to me. I live in Florida, San Francisco has nothing to do with anything over here. Yet they all want to talk about it.

Second this, except it’s more 50/50 San Francisco and Seattle that they super duper hate.


Don’t forget about crime ridden Chicago

On behalf of Los Angeles I am offended that we are not more regularly included in the crime-ridden dystopia conversation. It’s hell on earth here! Except for the weather. Lord, the weather is so good.

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yeah it’s the new CHICAGO or PORTLAND

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i work in tech and people never miss a chance to talk shit about san francisco. i’m inclined to believe that it is salary jealousy.

It’s certainly not cost of living jealousy