General Strike May 1st: no Work, no Shopping, no School

Profits > People = Recklessness

We’ve all seen it before. There is no reason to ever let this shiz happen again. Some say it’s the POTUS who tells us when we have to go back to work. Some say it is the governors. Both are wrong, of course. We working folks, and only us working folk, decide on when, or if, we are going back. This is the perfect time to make a practical demonstration of this fact.

Friday, May 1, General Strike: no Work, no Shopping, no School

This year will be one of the biggest general strikes in years. It’s really easy to participate. For a lot of us, it’ll be as easy as just saying “General Strike!”. Let’s do a poll !!!1!

  • General Strike! ~ I do this every Mayday
  • General Strike! ~ I’m not working that day anyways, can shop on other days, and school is closed
  • General Stike! ~ I can take sick leave/vacation/etc, can shop on other days, and school is closed
  • General Strike! ~ Nobody is going to get fired during a pandemic y/o take this job and shove it, I can shop other days, and school is closed
  • General Strike! ~ I’m a ICU nurse or something like that. It’s a calling, and my patients depend on me, perhaps even to live. I’m fully in support of the general strike, but I am still going to work. I can shop other days, and school is closed
  • I’m against the general strike
  • Bastard

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I can take a day off but that’s kinda lame.

Ofc my company has increased profits from 15B to 36B in the 3 yes I’ve been there. Ya that’s profit, not gross.

I should have put in a poll option for those who are in support of the general strike, but because they are in a particularly precarious situation, are effectively “forced” to seek wages that day. Use ‘bastard’ I guess. My bad.

ETA: I proly should have made this poll secret too. I’ll try to do better next pandemic. Again, my bad.


I can take an unpaid day and I’ll tell them why. That said, I’m able to do so with little significant danger due to considerable fortune and privilege, so it’s not heroic.

I guess so. I work for myself. I picked “take this job and shove it!”

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What else do you think you can do to effect change? Genuinely asking. Not a gotcha. My posts can appear that way I guess, but they never are. Like the Biden stuff, that wasn’t a rhetorical way to argue for not voting for him or whatever.

I mean, it’s still good to do this, better than not.

Like I don’t have a safety net, but I also don’t have kids relying on my paycheck, so, for instance, I have told my trucking company I will not deliver freezers to Stop n Shop while they’re on strike (we have a 3rd part contractor install them, so store employees did not need to be present) and I have told my company I will not deliver our truckloads of used clothes hangers to prisons. I’ve been stuck on the road somewhere that this was the only way out of an area that day, and they tried to say I wouldn’t get paid and who knows how many days till we get a load out of the area, and I said, well that’s a situation then, ain’t it.


I meant lame in the sense that its just taking a day off and not really disruptive

but does your employer do something cool? Something, where you recognize that humanity is better-off because of that?

Something that’s worth stealing $36 billion a year from its workers?


I work from home…if you could call it that.

I also don’t live in America.

It’s a world wide thingee. Just because you WFH doesn’t mean you gotta work on May 1st.

I don’t have to work.

I have the day off.

I don’t know… I mean… First of all I am opposed to using negative rhetoric. Like “stealing”. I don’t even use it towards my unemployed lazy butt neighbour who is paid from my taxes. …So let us not go there at least for now.

But If I have a look at my employer. They make some profit. I don’t know exactly how much, but I could figure it out. And some of it is used so that my boss has a car that is beyond expensive and big and whatever not. But solid part of that profit is used to give me basically anything I point my finger and say “I need that to work”. And what we do is actually pretty cool. One part is for example fire protection in buildings, so that something like 9/11 is not possible. I think my employer is actually pretty social and does a bunch of good in this world.

edit: I am for social rights. And I think it is not a bad idea to not work 1 day a year and think, what could be made better in the existing system. But I am opposed to this militant stomping the feet.


If they don’t want to be called thieves they can stop stealing.


That’s not what profit is. Profit is what is left after expenses and wages. That’s the part they are stealing.

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But I mean… What is a company doing with whatever is left?

Just to have it in a pile makes not much sense. It is good to have a solid cash cushion, even as a company to survive times like corona. It is also good to invest beyond the absolutely necessary expenses in new stuff.

And I like my boss. He too works his butt off and basically deals for me with problems I don’t like to deal with. And this picture is stupid. It oversimplifies in populist way relationship employer -employee.

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Things might very well be different in Germany. But multi-billion dollar corporations in America spend their profits terribly because they know if they tank the government will bail them out.

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A lot of slave owners prided themselves on being nice, providing for their slaves, and dealing with things the slaves couldn’t

Do you live in Stockholm… or do you just enjoy having the syndrome? This is all gibberish. FYI: Wobbly propaganda uses “boss” to mean ownership.

But actions speak louder than words. You are participating in the general strike. That’s what really matters! Solidarity. Supporting our fellow workers. Good job! You have a lot to be proud of!

Alas, no parades or carnivals like usual this year.