Fun Poster Data

I clicked on over to the “Users” menu and pulled the data to have some fun with. This isn’t quite as cool as the Forum Stats Roundup thread, but entertained me while watching lolMNF.

There were 320 posters in this dataset, which I assume encompasses everyone with an account who has done something on the site and gave me enough to mess around with. The stats I had at my fingertips were:

  • Likes Received
  • Likes Given
  • Topics Started
  • Total Replies
  • Threads Viewed
  • Posts Viewed
  • Total Calendar Days Visited
  • Total Time Spent on Site

The Forum Addict award:
This one goes to @Smacc_25, who is far and away the highest combo of Time Spent on Site and Total Replies (and who also crushes the Brexit thread)

Worth noting that the President of the United States is tied for 7th in posting frequency. Maybe chill out a bit with the twitters, guy.

The Most Liked poster:
This one goes to @Riverman, who is a bit of an outlier and has bucked the trend of Likes per Post deteriorating with posting frequency. (To keep the Likes/Post metric reasonable I limited this to posters with >100 posts.)

Ole’ Donny not looking too hot here either.

The Biggest Lurker:
This is a tough one, but I think it goes to @Fabian. Fabian is a lover, 28x more likely to give a heart than to post themselves.

As the color in that chart shows, Fabian is also a prolific reader of the site, reading nearly 35,000 posts in 4 total days spent on the site, but only posting 9 times themselves.

Honorable mention to @SwankyWilder, who has viewed over 30,000 posts but hasn’t yet posted themselves. Maybe someday.

The Stingiest Poster
This award goes to @StrontiumDog who has read over 30,000 posts… and has yet to like one. Hopefully he’ll like Swanky’s first post and we can go from there.


Happy 10th post to me, I guess!


You really do need to post more. Your fans miss you!


I’ve started to cut down on my posting from this last weekend… I Can’t believe I have the most posts/time spent on here. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I got demoted in my online game because of this site. :sweat_smile:


Do I get a special under-title?

The Force is in balance … for every me there is a Namath.

I like blending in so much that my handle doesn’t show up in any of the graphs :stuck_out_tongue:

Undertitle: forum’s most mediocre poster

There is going to be 50 of us with the same ut.

So I don’t even stand out when it comes to not standing out!


Thought it’d be fun to update these charts a few months later. Let me know if you can think of other cool ways to slice up the posting data, especially if it can result in something other than a scatterplot.


I never show up on these things because I’m such a de novo snowflake that computers belch smoke and break down when they try to analyse me, like someone typed “Why?” and pressed Return.

Minimum 250 posts to show up in the “likes per post” chart? Good lord, well give me another five years or something I guess.




Feels like I remember loving Fabian’s posts everywhere but ootv but I may be thinking of someone else

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I gotchu fam


Fabius was an underrated consul


Don’t do it. You should stay #1.

Content begets content saith the Lord

Hey, this is a good thread. I love stats. Maybe merge with that other thread on ignore stats? :P

@Riverman is king of all regs