Forum Stats Roundup

ITT I’ll share some stats about the site.I don’t think this is top secret proprietary info, but it people object to me making any of this public I’ll take it down.

Traffic has been pretty consistent the first two weeks:

Sign-ups obviously peaked the first couple of days:

And posts peaked for the debates:


Here are the top searches on the site. I found some of them amusing:


Why are people searching for 118?

That’s me searching for EmpireMan because he came into my poetry thread and dropped a soul read on me, where are you EmpireMan?

On a more serious note, please reassure us that all the posts we have “Yes, Abandon”-ed are actually deleted, and that you don’t maintain a database of aborted gags like some kind of discourse addled Bartleby.

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bump to try to get new posts badges to show up

more posts


good stuff here

really knocking this out of the park right now

So Mason is searching for himself ones a week…

We should turn mason into a meme of some sort like slow pony so it gets used randomly and frequently.

Shut your masonmalmouth!



Good job posting lately;

Bad job getting new people here

Guess which thread (barely) gets the most click from external sources


Thanks to @kre8tive for the twittering

  • ( is twitter shortlink)
  • wonder what searches we show up for on google
  • who’s linking to us on cnn and espn?
  • wtf is standing69? I guess it’s some unofficial Rogan board?

Not sure this belongs here, but I don’t think it deserves its own thread either. Just want to drop some server stats, which may impact our hosting costs at some point.

We’re fine with everything for now, but any significant traffic increase and we’ll likely need to upgrade memory.