Please post any money spend on operating the site.

zikzak signed up for some hosting, but last I heard, he hasn’t been billed for it yet. Anyway, anyone who spend money towards site operation, please post in here. When it comes time for reimbursement, I’ll probably edit the posts in here and mark them as reimbursed.

Correct, no bill yet. I’m expecting ~$20/month give or take a few cents. I’ll probably ask to be reimbursed quarterly. Seems silly to ship me $20 every month.

First invoice received yesterday. It’s exactly $20.

I was monitoring server loads during the debates and we should be fine with the current hosting package for the near future.

Invoice for August hosting received, $20.

Also, not an expenditure but I don’t know where else to put it: I am submitting an invoice to Unstuck for the emotional distress of dealing with difficult users during the month of August. Total: $5.00. I would like these funds to be drawn specifically from advertising revenue.

Still not asking for any money to be sent at this time. I will have a final bill for all of Q3 after I receive the September hosting invoice.


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Q3 2019 Hosting

Site Period Amount
unstuckpolitics.com July $20.00
unstuckpolitics.com August $20.00
unstuckpolitics.com September $20.00
  Total $60.00

Requesting reimbursement for Q3 hosting only since advertising revenue is currently unavailable.

$60.00 reimbursed by spidercrab.

Current hosting balance: $0.00
Emotional distress balance: $5.00

Emotional distress balance paid in sklanskybucks


We’re consistently running at >80% memory usage on the server, so expect a hosting upgrade soon. New costs will be $40/month.

How linear is this pricing? Like, suppose we hit the $40 threshold and then double traffic - hopefully that doesn’t scale because $80/month will eat up the entire donation base.

It’s pretty linear on DigitalOcean. The annoying part is we’ll be upgrading everything - CPU’s, storage and bandwidth - just because we need the memory. If we start to hit the limits of the $40 plan we can shop around and hopefully find a host that lets us only upgrade the stuff we need.

eta: They have memory optimized plans, but they start at $90/month.

Standard $20 invoice for October.

Memory usage continues to be high, but it’s stable around 82% so *shrug*. I’m keeping an eye on it and ready to pull the trigger as soon as I feel it’s necessary. Until that happens, I’m more concerned with the once or twice daily load average spikes that bring the site to its knees for 5-10 minutes. Still no idea what’s causing those.

$20 sent.

zz, would you mind @ing me next time to make sure I see it?

Oh, I wasn’t asking for anything. I just post whenever I get an invoice, but I was still OK with getting reimbursed quarterly.

Anyway, thanks for the $20. Unstuck hosting balance currently back to $0.

I might be of help shopping for a host. Does it have to be cloud or can it be bare metal (with remote login and KVM)? What specs?

We’re currently running with 4 GB memory, 2 CPU’s, 4 TB monthly transfer and 80 GB storage. We’re comfortable on everything but memory, which is high but stable and not currently critical.

I’d be theoretically fine with bare metal, but I’m not going to run the forum off some dude’s basement server farm just to save a couple bucks. Our hosting is still pretty cheap right now and I like the comfort of knowing we’re with a large, reputable and reliable provider.

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@spidercrab requesting $40 reimbursement for November and December hosting so we can close out 2019.

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$40 shipped - thanks for hosting.

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Received. tyty!

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