Drunk/High/Sober Venting Thread

Come one come all. The end times are here. The SC is 6-3 in favor of fascists and they will do whatever it takes to keep Trump in office, regardless of a popular or electoral vote lead for Joey B.

In his second and infinite term, what won’t the host of the Apprentice do?

Bring us your craziest theories. Let it all out. Nothing is too far and there are no wrong answers. This country is toast and it’s up to us to figure out exactly how the ship goes down.

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I am Q.


I fucking knew it

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In other threads I’ve already said I think Obama goes on trial for treason and the Clintons will be fucked too.

“I’ve been through many times in which I thought I might lose it
The only thing that saved me, has always been music.” - Beastie Boys

Hold music. One time.

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Music will be illegal unless it’s by Ted Nugget or Kid Rock.


Yeah I better get my Cat Scratch Fever number of listens up on spotify so I can pass for a loyalist if need be.


You won’t be able to get a visa unless your name is “Chad”

Porn will be more aggressively regulated


That’s all I got

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This is something I hadn’t yet thought about and I have to say that’s upsetting.

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I can definitely see little Trump militias popping up everywhere with backing from actual police departments.

Red states watch more porn than blue I am pretty sure.

Amazing. Priests bang kids but preach about purity all the time also.

What do you all think happens when the simulation ends? Nothingness? Rebooted and forced to relive this all again? Wake up in another world to learn we were strapped into something matrix like all along?


You wake up next to Bob Newhart?


I live in Oklahoma, the reddest of the red states, and I can assure you this is true. I watch more porn in one afternoon than most of you do in a lifetime.



i ate a 50mg gummy 20 min ago, so i might get weird soon


live billy strings

I’m convinced that the entire world went to shit from the moment @Riverman created the Tragic Death of the Republican Party thread on 2+2. Prove me wrong!


The upright bass player in this band impresses me as much as Billy does at times. I’m just a percussionist. He brings it hard though.