DARK - The final season (Final 2 episodes: Monday at 8:30 Eastern?)

So many questions.

  • Is Adam really who he says he is?
  • What’s the deal with Aleksander Tiedermann?
  • How many more times are we going to hear this song:

The final season (8 episodes) drops overnight tonight.

Should we do a watch party? Is everyone watching the first 6 episodes at their own pace and then watching the final 2 together sometime Sunday night too fast a pace?


Would LOVE if one of the biggest twists was that Adam wasn’t actually old old Jonas, but I think its unlikely.

Other big questions imo:

When/where did young Jonas age from to middle? When/where did middle Jonas age to old?
When/where did Claudia age from middle to old?
Who had sex with Helge/is Peter’s mother?
What did Hannah do in the past?
Why does everyone on streaming networks like fucking their Aunts?


Show is GOAT. The wife works the next two days so I won’t be able to binge any of it, by her orders, until at least Sunday night. At minimum I am looking forward to reading you guys commentary after I have watched.

My main question is the obvious one, how are they going to incorporate the “others” into what was otherwise a very tight story. Going into the multiverse could be amazing but I am skeptical that it will be awful and lead to deus ex machina nonsense. We really hadn’t seen that until the last 60 seconds of S2.

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Just lie to your wife man.


Been meaning to rewatch the first two seasons first. No way will I be able to remember what the fuck is going on and who is who without it.

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They had a decent recap of Season 1 when Season 2 came out. I’m counting on the same for Season 3. I’m in the same boat, can’t remember enough.

I’ll be able to get there by sunday night for sure, and no way am I waiting to finish the last two episodes for a week lol. I will however rewatch with you guys if you want to wait a week and not spoiler.

Agree this show is in GOAT level for me. It’s just so damn interesting. Also agree with the worries about the multiverse story line possibly being really bad, but this show has been great so far so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and will hope for the best.

Also I’ve rewatched the " Quiet life " scene like 4 times now. Song is so perfect for the sequence. Like dude is just trying to have a quiet life and everything just keeps being super fucked up lol. Season 1 episode 10 44 mins in if anyone else wants to rewatch.

I know most people are doing subtitles, I dunno I usually have subtitles on anyways for all shows but decided to go with the dub + subs for this and its been great so far anyways. Theres really only like 3-4 scenes where I’ve noticed the mouth doesn’t match the words, usually when they’re showing a lot of emotion. Anyways the voice actor for the fake preacher time jumper is also so fucking perfect/creepy.

Shout out to all the people who kept recommending this show, I had zero interest in this show because of previous people on other forums/reddit basically comparing it to stranger things but german which doesn’t sound that good even though I like stranger things.

Show definitely doesn’t get enough love outside of this forum.


I’m halfway through third episode. My brain hurts

Just watched episode 1 of third season.

What the fuck? I was barely keeping track of all the characters and timelines as it was. Now I have to learn about bizarro world too?

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Just finished episode 3.

Mine too.

Changed the title with a suggestion of a watch of episodes 7 and 8 on Monday at 8:30.

Dunno if that works for anyone else.

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Works for me. I’m gonna get there tonight but I can hold out a night to finish most likely.

I’m on episode 5 now. Can’t wait to talk about the show after. After the watch party this should be a full on spoiler thread right? I think any before than even in spoilers is a bad move though.

I’m on episode 2 of season 3 and I’m finding it hard to follow, but I found this website really useful to refresh my memory: https://darknetflix.io/en

Best of all, you enter which season/episode you’re on so you don’t get spoiled.

Ugh, I binge-watched Dark way back and then slept on it for a long time and now I’m starting midway through season 2 and I have no idea what’s going on. I’ll have to find some kind of Cliff’s Notes to remind myself who’s who. Really I love that this show respects your intelligence and assumes you’ll follow along with all of the timelines and whatnot.

I finished last night. Couldn’t wait for the watch party - which would be at a unsavoury time of night for me anyway. I’m not going to comment until then

Both seasons? I’m struggling a bit with S1 to be honest - not as great as I was hoping after 4 episodes.

I like a good bit of sci-fi and time travel but hooded figures and groaning noises from the cave are a bit juvenile imo, while some of the plot doesn’t add up - Mikkel turns up in 1986 at his to-be-father’s doorstep, claiming to live there, but 30 years later his father thinks nothing of it?

No series three - I did 1 and 2 a couple of weeks ago. I did the first 2 series in a couple of days as I was stuck in bed after a hospital visit and really enjoyed them. As I remember it does start getting better from the first 4 and through the second season, but I can’t really remember that specific scene

Planning on hitting the start button to Episode 7 at 8:30 and Episode 8 at 9:45 Eastern if anyone else wants to join me here.

Pretty sure this season broke my brain.