COVID-19: memes and goofs thread

This is a containment thread is for coronavirus memes and jokes and stock market updates and keeeeeeed derails. Srs business and updates in the other thread.

Posting memes here is futile. It can’t be contained.


Good article but…

FFS adopt the metric system. You shouldn’t have to explain your units.


In not serious business, my lawnmower is going to make it to Mars if I have to watch all the stupid fucks who were laughing at the “panickers” lecture me on fucking anything now that it is finally starting to dawn on them. This is social media, not here fwiw. But jfc these people have no shame. I have to think I would shut the fuck up for a god damned second about my deep thoughts on the subject after literally screaming it was a hoax for weeks.

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Propose name change to covid-19 low content or something.


If you separate good and evil Kirks neither works out. (Finance extraction was good though)

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translating to Cups is hardly that helpful

how many olympic size swimming pools or elephants is that?

Where is the unsubscribe button


Cross Post from @Huehuecoyotl


Bitcoin is down 40% in one day.

3 fluid ounces, or about 1/4 can of bud light.

If I know the writers at all then it’s about time for Russia to annex another territory.


Gold lost something like $73 today too. I was expecting the opposite.

Edit: looks like it was down $10 or so. Fox news…

A Note to all those who are “Home Alone”

Think of the unpaid MODS :eyes:



I think we’ve found the solution


He probably didn’t get a response in H&F because they didn’t want to go out like the old politics forum.

Has anyone “ok boomered” MM yet?


I keep thinking about how back in the days of great plagues and whatnot when people were on lockdown they would huddle together in inns and tell each other naughty tales and that became the source of timeless works of ribald literature like The Decameron or The Canterbury Tales. Nowadays we’re just going to sit on the couch and play Call of Duty and watch camgirls for two weeks. It’s still pretty ribald, though.

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Is everyone in agreement the the dentist is off limits for the foreseeable future? Asking for a friend.

I’m in agreement.

How hot is she?