COVID-19: Chapter 5 - BACK TO SCHOOL

Give them some time to work out the kinks (unless the problem is only have 10 kids go virtual).

We’re at the end of our first week and there have been technical problems - one of my kids couldn’t get into his final period yesterday - but it has worked well overall so far. The teachers and administration knew that this week was going to be pretty fucked up while everyone got used to it and technical problems got sorted out.

The biggest problem has been servers going down. There isn’t a set plan for when that happens. Some teachers think quickly and e-mail parents a Zoom link, but that didn’t happen for my son’s class yesterday. I think there have only been two real server crashes - one was immediately on Monday, causing morning problems for elementary and high schools, and one was yesterday. Sometimes teachers have trouble launching their video classes, so they quickly post a Zoom link on the class page in the system. Thing is, if the system can’t be accessed, they need to find another way.

I think it will work.


I’m worried that they are not as interested in catering to the 10 virtual kids and may not have the urgency to work out the kinks.

We are also worried that we are just not equipped to give our child the time and attention she needs to help her with both of us working full time.

We are going to give it more time though. Thanks.

I can definitely see the problem there.

My work this week has definitely taken a back seat to my youngest’s schooling, and probably will continue to play second fiddle. I’m going to work with him over the weekend on getting organized. My oldest is very self-sufficient (6th and 8th grade).

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A teacher friend of mine said he only has 2 kids in his class going virtual. And those 2 only did so after they decided all kids have to wear masks.

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343 new cases today in the Czech Republic and there’s still the evening to go.

Today will almost certainly go down as the worst day of the pandemic given that the highest daily total was 377 on March 27th.

Yet, schools will be completely open with no restrictions beyond some hand sanitizer and open windows.

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For what it’s worth, I don’t really blame any parent in here for the choices they make. I assume everyone is trying their best to make good decisions.

In our case, our district has an in-person track and a remote track. Both tracks are starting out 100% remotely on Monday of next week, but the in-person track is transitioning to a hybrid approach to begin 9/21. (The remote track is a commitment to be online for the entire semester.)

After much angst, we chose the in-person track. That’s largely because the remote track was such a sub-standard and inequitable choice that we didn’t feel like it was really an option. We’re still very nervous about sending the kids back, even though our county has experienced an incredible drop in cases recently. There’s a reasonable chance we end up pulling at least one of our kids out to the remote track depending on how things go. It sucks.

Even in the hybrid approach, our kids are still going to be doing half their learning at home. We’ve been trying to prepare for that in a few ways:

  • Upgraded our google wifi setup to the new google nest router. Coverage is much better throughout the house. (Google wifi has been incredible and I highly recommend this kind of mesh system to anyone with spotty wifi service.)
  • Upgraded our internet to a 75mbps plan.
  • Purchased a new desktop computer for my basement office, and will move the current desktop upstairs for the kids to work on.
  • We’re moving the kitchen table to the office, so that we have a workspace that’s big enough for both my wife and a kid at the same time. This is because desks are sold out EVERYWHERE. As are webcams.

Fingers crossed.


I appreciate everyone’s feedback.

Our daughter is 8 and in 3rd grade. Before the pandemic hit earlier in the year we were in the process of setting up doctor appointments to have her tested for ADHD. We went to several meetings with her teacher and staff last year to discuss it.

I have also done a lot of research on the subject and there is a good chance that she has it.

I only bring that up because she is not self sufficient right now and needs a lot of help to keep her on task.

This is something I am really struggling with. I feel an enormous amount of pressure to make the right decision here. We both want what is best for her.


Good thing they caught that one class. No way that happens in any other.


No one saw this coming.

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For one.

Don’t send your kids back to school.

Figure it out from there.


NH restaurants given the OK effective immediately to go to full capacity while keeping tables 6 feet apart.

Since Bike Week (think mini-Sturgis) begins this weekend, the State claimed they’ll be having multiple code enforcers patrolling all of the restaurants/bars with liquor licences in the surrounding area.

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I know that address!

They have the best discounts on beer can openers! Also known as pencils.

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Just dropped my kid off at gymnastics. I’m not thrilled she has started back, but we feel like we found a gym that is actually taking safety seriously. It’s massive, so it’s not like the girls are mashed together. They social distance and the team is only about 7 or 8 kids. Everything is very clean. My daughter told me after each rotation is done, they use a garden sprayer-type device to spray disinfectant on things.

So we’ll see.

My family just did this and after less than 90 days our only regret is not doing it sooner.

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Are you near there now? If so, maybe send Tommyknocker via the mentioned beer club thing going on? The Imperial Nut Brown Ale is possibly my favorite beer ever. Close to my favorite at least even though the Beer Advocate reviews aren’t superb (85)

No no, I cribbed the photo from the internet. I was just running with the joke. I assume that’s Golden, CO?

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Ponied, just posting to nominate

I think JetBlue did the right thing here, but I don’t suppose that was the article’s intent.

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