COVID-19: Chapter 10 - We give up

If you asked SHOULD it be delayed or cancelled my answer would be different. As asked, close to 0% chance. People are completely over it.

I guess this is aimed at both you and @commonWealth, but why would the immediate response be to delay or cancel, even assuming we get a surge in cases? Is the feeling that large gatherings absolutely can’t be held even with stringent protocols like required masking, testing, and vaccinations? That seems super extreme to me.

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Pretty much this. Even people who have been vigilant for two plus years are just kind of throwing in the towel at this point.

I’m deaf in one ear and while I never realized it before Covid I rely on watching people’s mouths when they speak to help me hear. I can’t lip read but I’ve noticed that with masking it’s harder for me to understand or know if someone is speaking to me a public place that has background noise.

There are different parts?

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Infection rates across the nations were:

  • England: 4.9%, up from 3.8% last week - approximately one in 25 people
  • Wales: 4.1%, up from 3.2% last week - approximately one in 25 people
  • Northern Ireland: 7.1% , down from 7.8% last week - approximately one in 14 people
  • Scotland: 7.15% up from 5.7% last week - approximately one in 14 people

Only really really fucked hospitals and morgues will get any intention. It’s all milder now haven’t you heard? Cases will move the needle not one bit.

Get your fourth dose.

Same, I think it’s ~0%.

Yeah, I don’t see any significant mitigation happening at all next surge.

Yep, planning on it.

I meant the general you. I know you have your dose timed down to the optimal day. :)

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I was having the same discussion with my girlfriends but my wife, the significant other and my mistress reckon the poker tournament will go ahead despite BA.2

Huh? This you?



The way this poll is worded, you could get hundreds of voters for every option, and if the WSOP is not postponed or cancelled, they’d all technically be right.

It will take literal bodies in the street for new shutdowns at this point.

As long as they’re not on my street I don’t care.


Big weight lifted recently in finally being able to get our daughter vaxxed. She’s a little trooper but left her bandaid on for like 3 days lol. Masks come off at her school at the end of the month by which point she’ll be ready for dose #2. With Mrs Cooler like 30 weeks pregnant, no Covid for the foreseeable future in our house would be great.


Hate to rain on your parade, but it looks like the kid doses of Pfizer aren’t that protective against infection. So while I also hope you all can fade COVID entirely, if she does get it, hopefully the vaccine will make it mild.

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This was in non randomized data in a preprint iirc

Could be. I seem to remember more than one source but I could be mistaken.

Anyone have some good stats on level of protection for young kids?