COVID-19: Chapter 10 - Mission Achomlished!


Has anyone checked to see if COVID-19 is allergic to water? Just brainstorming here.


Booster is kicking my 13 year old’s ass! He threw up last night and has chills this AM.


Chapter 10? Jesus, I can’t believe we’re 8 chapters past Electric Superflu and have no indication that this will end anytime soon


Ugh, year 3 of COVID. Sounds even worse when put that way.

You need a lesson in empathy. Your 13-year-old is listening to his body, which has more wisdom than all the fancy scientists combined.


Covid is weird. My vaxxed-boosted friend was feeling kinda sinus-y sick. About the time he felt better, his vaxxed-not-boosted wife got pretty sick - chills, nasty cough, body aches. They found some tests and she tested positive. So they felt pretty sure he gave it to her.

3 days later he starts feeling sick again. He just tested negative. They’ve been isolated and only around each other the whole time.

Maybe she has covid and something else that she gave to him? Maybe vaxxed-boosted people just don’t test positive very often with antigen tests?

Well, Omicron has definitely come to Oregon. Not sure how long it could possibly stay out of my kids’ daycare.

I think of it as year 3 of 5, but I’m an optimist.


Between anecdotal reports from friends and occasional news stories on the subject, I am definitely of the belief that the at-home rapid tests are returning lots of false negatives. I’m curious how contagious people are when negative on those tests.

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Yeah same here. One girl in our group in Mexico has a nasty cough. We’ve all been staying away from her as much as possible. But she’s vaxxed and boosted and tested negative on the antigen test we all have to take to get back into the states.

One of the slightly funny things I’m witnessing right now is anti-maskers refusing to wear masks under any circumstances, including my current circumstance of working outside in below freezing weather.


Oh good


I saw that movie on sci-fi. Fluorna 3 had Heidi Fleiss in it.

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Pretty sure that I have Covid. So many people I was around ended up pozzing and my symptoms started yesterday.

Can isolate myself though so no worries about infecting others.


Good job Australia


No matter how robust they claim their system is it seemed like shenanigans. The Australian open is a huge spotlight for the country and they were hoping to sneak it by.

No results on PCR yet. Feel worse today. Aches, chills and a really sore throat. I don’t want to know what I’d feel like unvaxxed.


The after hours clinic was doing rapid tests last night, my 10 year old tested negative thankfully. Also tested negative for flu and strep. This kid has a weird history of going from fine, then high fever and catatonic for like 10 hours, back to fine.

In other news, work is already pushing back deadlines for vaccine mandates. They are saying 93% of employees are vaccinated and are giving on-site workers until january 15th to get dose 1, and primarily WFH staff until the end of February. There was a shitload of “retirements” late last year which I suspect played a role in getting us to 93%.

It’s all gravy for him at this point anyway, but lol at giving up millions of dollars to own the libs.