Coronavirus Online Video Game League

Let’s start with Mario Kart 8 for the Switch. Don’t sign up unless you enjoy getting crushed FYI.

I also hear people love online playing Rocket League. I’ve never played but sure.

We will use this thread to suggest games we can all play while in isolation. Quarantine yay!



In, but I only have a Switch

In for some xbox live or pc

Also in in Xbox live, i absolutely blow at MK 8 so count me out but Im down for Rocket League

In, I’m garbage at Mario Kart and slightly less garbage at Rocket League. Switch and PC, baby.

RL has cross platform play, Right?

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Switch and pc here

I’ll customize my Mii to look like I’ve been in quarantine for years

Does anybody play WGT golf?

Who is ready to MK8

I’m getting my ass handed to me online

Might be up for this. Young un has a switch, just have to find out if he has Mario kart and get some permission to use his switch (probably the hard part).

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No Mario kart, has super Mario tho.

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I’m down for anything that isn’t a first person shooter. Although I guess I need a game console first.

I’d love to get some long term strategy games going like command and conquer. Or I assume even 2 hour stuff like Settlers of Cataan has an online version.

But then again working from home full time + command and conquer = suzzer not getting out of his underwear all day and not getting any work done.

The last game I got addicted to was WeeWar. Turn based strategy game - so fun. Except they screwed it up with the points system and after a while everyone good got so fixated on their points they wouldn’t play anyone else good. So lame.

I got PS4 and PC, could be up for something. I am hilariously bad at first person shooters but I still enjoy playing them.

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PS4 & PC checkin in

I know we have a thread for it already but some EU4 mp would be swell

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It’s too bad Planetside 2 didn’t catch on. I’m terrible at first person shooters but the strategic objectives means I feel like I’m contributing even though I’m probably below the mean

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There’s still EVE Online out there going strong

Goons 4 lyfe

PS4 and Switch for me. Also absolutely terrible at FPS now.