Boomers, Generational Wealth, and Inequality

I’m actually really happy to see Boomer hate go mainstream. I was like a decade ahead of the curve on that lol.

I say it again, missed the label by 14 days. Whew.

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The Boomers, like any large group of people have tons of exceptions. Some of them weren’t that bad. Unfortunately as a generation I think that US Boomers have a genuine argument for WOAT generation in history. Granted they have some stiff competition from the Victorian English, and probably a few others from further back I’m blanking on.

It’s the indefinite optimism for me. The cloying certainty that things will get better without any actual action or sacrifice on their part. You look at the media/propaganda landscape of their childhood and imagine what slamming head first into Vietnam that naive would do worldview wise… what you get is a generation defined by selfishness, greed, and the shortest term view of the world and how it works in human history. Seriously the stupidest most entitled pieces of shit collectively that have probably ever walked the earth. The reason there are warning labels on everything isn’t Gen Z eating tide pods it’s the most generous explanation for the Boomers I can come up with, which is heavy metal poisoning as children.

Basically at the fall of every empire there is a 50-60 year period of ‘glory’, waste, and decadence where shit starts to get stupid. I think the Boomers were born on year 1 of that literally. They can’t comprehend a world where we aren’t one of at most two superpowers.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that some of the same people would have been responsible for the colonization of Africa in the late 1800s through World War II, so I pick them as the WOAT. Or, if that’s too much to pin on one generation, then I pick those two. Shout out to the Dutch East India Company, though.

SNL has gone way downhill but every now and then they knock one out of the park.


Never heard that before



I’ve been posting on the internet about how much I hate the boomers since the early 00s lol.

Their pre-recorded sketches/songs are solid. The Zillow one a few weeks ago was perfect.

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You were not ahead of the curve.

If anything somewhat behind the curve.

I remember a very smart mate of mine disparaging our parent’s generation for their ruthless short-term selfishness and material greed - voting left wing after the war when it was in their interests (as young students) and switching to Thatcher/Reaganomics when paying less tax suited them.

That was in the 1980s.

But the whole boomer-hate is irrelevant because, promised the land of eternal milk and honey after the war most people itf would have behaved exactly the same at that time.

Even now, crying “WAAF!” at the same time as obsessing about your 401Ks, spending thousands on dinner, investing in STONKS and inflating the housing market hardly marks people out as being morally superior to Boomers, who at least didn’t have millions of homeless people or the impending disaster of climate change to consider.

It’s so much more convenient to put yourselves on a moral pedestal than face uncomfortable truths about yourselves and your country. Maybe people itf should ask themselves what future generations will be saying about the decisions they made when they were aware the world was about to burn…


Our hypocrisy is limited only by your imagination.

But why do you think boomers didn’t have the homeless or climate change to worry about? They’re the ones in charge right now, still, and homelessness and climate change are not new challenges. They’re the ones with the wealth and the power, so why are you ascribing culpability to gen X or millenials?


I can remember way back to 2017 -2019 when so many posters were making edgelording posts about wishing the Boomers would just die off already.

Then COVID hits and it’s all “I love you, Grandma,” and “I’m sorry I took so long to cash your $8 birthday check, but I just wanted you to be safe.”


Funny thing is even the most deplorable boomers seem to be down for the vaccine. Self-preservation might actually come before politics.

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Not culpability - moral bankruptcy and huge hypocrisy, defined by the extraordinary gap between stated concerns and behaviours.

I’ve read more than enough posts here to know that many would have given their fellow boomers stiff competition in what you call deplorable behaviour during the 50s and 60s.

As you say - it’s always projection with conservatives.

Your example of “moral bankruptcy” is saving for retirement? Buying a house? A fancy dinner? I mean, ok, if your code has those things as morally bankrupt, fine, but why are you even on the internet if you expect everyone to live a life of aceticism?

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Straw man



You literally are shaming people for having a fancy dinner, buying a house, and saving for retirement while things are still bad in the world:

As if any or all of us buying a house for our families was the final straw in the downfall of humanity. Sorry, what is the morally justifiable amount to spend on dining out in a week or a month or a year? And if I save up a decade’s worth of dining out moral credit, am I still a villain if I spend it all at once?