Betting on Sports

Baseball starts back tonight. COVID already struck before the first pitch is thrown. I need some entertainment in my life so bring on sports betting.

Tonight’s games.

I’m a TERRIBLE sports bettor so if I offer any takes (unlikely) fade me, but I love betting for entertainment. In.

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I had a tip that fauci was practicing and probably would throw a strike LOL what a liar

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Can we get Riverman in this thread to give us his



Have the Reds under 32.5 wins and Angels under 31.5 because my teams are bad.

Also have Vegas Golden Knights at +350 to win the Western Conference, mostly because they have 2 good goalies and the west is kinda crap. Goalies won’t have enough games to work anything out, so teams have to hope they start hot. VGK get 2 shots at it.

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@Tilted. You should be getting better baseball #s. It’s not hard to find shops that offer -105 on sides. It makes a ton of difference. Pm if u want more info.

So FoxBet posted an upset special yesterday:
Nets to beat the Bucks and Suns to beat the Clippers @ 200:1
Noticed it just as I was about to log off.
Figured these games are essentially meaningless to both teams, so why not put down a couple bucks. Then, I wondered why throw away good money. So I put down $1.
Lol Me!
It came in.
I actually sweated the Suns game with the power off. Booker hit a buzzer beater to win a tied game.
I think 1 person put down $25 for a quick $5k


Another FoxBet overlay today
+2500 Flyers and MapleLeafs both to win by 2 or more goals
Actual odds about +875 = (+255) (+175)
Max bet was $60

Half way home
One time dealer

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cody ceci with a shorty from the blue line
do you believe in miracles?

hedged for $200 getting +250 going into 3rd period up 3-1
don’t trust toronto D

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Leafs lose 4-3 in OT
And that’s why hedging isn’t always stupid


IL finally getting it together with mobile sports betting. BetRivers has been up and running for a few months, but now DraftKings and FanDuel are both live as well with no in-person registration necessary through 9/22 (some date right around there if that’s not exact).

DraftKings has a shitty match bonus with like a 4x playthrough, BUT they will give a free $100 bet which is nice. FanDuel has no match bonus that I’m aware of, but they will offer up to $500 bet insurance for the first bet you place through the app, plus if you pre-registered they should have already given you a free $50 in your account.

@iron81 tagging you because you posted about BetRivers the other day.

If the below is discouraged/prohibited let me know and I’ll remove, but a free $50 to anyone who uses my sign up link (and I get $50 too)

And $100 at DraftKings

Fyi FanDuel promo bet in IL - Clippers +99 max $50 bet

FoxBetNJ has tightened up their specials. No more big overlays, but the occasional value.
Most every day I see some prop that is absolutely insulting. I wonder if there are rubes who take the bait.

wait, fanduel is in IL? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS

so, apparently a few days ago they had put $50 in my account so I didn’t have to deposit, damn nice start to this book.

have accounts on both from eons ago so can’t get signup link money, sad. thanks, apparently they had another free money bet the day before, hopefully they just keep going and I just roll over without needing to bet anything else.

rivers I signed up a bit ago but I’ve ignored it mostly as I don’t sports bet much these days.

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I’m in Iowa where we’ve had legal betting for awhile now, but I haven’t set up any accounts. Is there any bonus stuff I should be taking advantage of? Poker background but no sports betting experience

Bunch of friends found Clips -150 series price this morning, nice life.

Hit on Marlins over Mets +230
Missed on tie game after 5

Betting Bucks -8.5 1H +250 cuz I think they blow out the Heat Game 1.

DraftKings with a $50 max bet on the Chiefs +101 points at -110 lol

Bears +12.5 at Even odds for $50 against the lions on fanduel for IL.