Best decade of music

Bad news for teams not named 80s. Phil Collins solo career just took a steamy, greasy, gelatinous-nugget-containing, oozy molasses on your chest.

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Fuck Phil Collins (apart from drums on a few early Genesis tracks and some Eno albums).

We should make a supergroup of performers who should’ve retired early with a decent career behind them instead of being subjected to much deserved ridicule ever since.

The Uberghouls

Drums - Phil Collins
Vocals/piano - Elton John
Lead vocals - Rod Stewart

That doesn’t sound fun, seems hurtful and unnecessary.

Hurting Phil Collins is a national sport here.


I’m gonna start a Phil Collins fanpage, to try and counteract that by surrounding him with a lot of positive support.



Bless you.

Just don’t encourage him to record any more music

It’d be disingenuous of me to suggest I’m a Phil Collins fan, but I loved this one as a kid and I still think it’s a very good, if not that distinctive cover version.

Faces era Rod Stewart versus the his frankly ludicrous solo career as the singer

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That one fails for me on the usual cover basis of too similar to great original but not as good.

Perfect, and added to the band.

More bad news for teams not named 80s. MJ just pulled out his reportedly strangely thin cockmeat and bounced it off your forehead.

I remember watching this with my mom and she said “hes going to be bigger than elvis” And he was.

Phil Collins hates Phil Collins.

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I never really understood why Use Your Illusion was a double album. If you take the top 50% only it’s a great album. With all the junk it’s a WTF album.

Pure vanity of the band.

Peter Gabriel > Phil Collins.

If you’re a fan of late 70s-80s music, you should watch the Americans. Crushes the soundtrack game.

There are not enough forward arrows on earth to accurately represent this relationship.


I think it is around 200Hz-2kHz but I don’t know why you would ever limit yourself to one decade.

This Peter Gabriel song isn’t from the 80s but it rules

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Ok I’m gonna do this but probably won’t start it until next week sometime

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Mark him down for Team 90s: