Best decade of music

The best decade of music was:

  • 1960s
  • 1970s
  • 1980s
  • 1990s
  • 2000s
  • 2010s
  • 1820/bastard

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This seems about right. 1990s and 1970s are close. The only obviously wrong people are jwax and TrueNorth.

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my opinion on the 90s is that the best albums have aged incredibly well and continue to be amazing (ok computer, ITAOS, loveless), but grunge and boy/girl bands have uh, not.


What’s ITAOS?

In the Aeroplane over the sea.

Nirvana aged well (but a bit boring because overplayed) but yeah the rest of grunge is hit or miss. Some Pearl Jam and Soundgarden is still decent. Of course you’re right about the boy and girl bands but they were bad at the time too.

That’s really a band from the '90s?

I think Nirvana aged well for a while, but they’re less talked about by new artists in interviews I see now or random pitchfork/stereogum/rolling stone etc type sites than other bands from that era. Their influence is over.

I drove 10+ hours twice with friends to see NMH when they reunited ~7ish years ago. First show was what I imagine a religious experience feels like.


That’s isn’t how I would define aged well, but I agree about their waning influence.

I want 1995-2005 as my decade of choice that way I can get nimrod, everything sucks and origins of symmetry.

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I’ll take '67 to '77.


1965-1975 Highway 61 Revisited through Wish You Were Here.


I’d choose the entire indie rock scene in NY over Muse, but the years are correct.
You basically lose never mind/loveless/I think Surfa Rosa (don’t yell at me if that’s 88), and pickup the strokes/bloc party/arcade fire/the national/the killers/the white stripes/interpol

But you lose a few great punk albums (and that musical diversity) by cutting off at '75 versus '77.

Ok computer, loveless and in the aeroplane over the sea are albums by radiohead, my bloody valentine and neutral milk hotel, respectively. Three perfect albums and imo the 3 best of the 90s.

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I knew ok computer was radiohead but had never heard of the other bands and albums. I will check them out at some point.

Never heard of these 3 at all, only recognize Radio head as a band, will check them out too

I’d post my favorite decade for music but you folks wouldn’t have heard of it


90s > 80s is the most lolgenx take of all time. I came of age in the 90s and still prefer the 80s.

ETA I guess it’s also lolmillenials for thinking grunge and pop punk are in the same stratosphere as new wave, post punk, dark wave.


grunge and pop punk weren’t the best of the 90s though, and I really think the 80s artists aged well but their best albums arent on the same level as 90s or 00s imo.