BANGERS Tournament Nominations

I will be seeding a 32 entry BANGERS tournament to start at a tbd date in the near future. There are 20 automatic entries to the Bangers tournament.

That starts with the 19 previously awarded BANGERS of the Year seen below:

2003 - Hey Ya!
2004 - Yeah!
2005 - Gold Digger
2006 - Temperature
2007 - Umbrella
2008 - Low
2009 - Poker Face
2010 - Tik Tok
2011 - Give Me Everything
2012 - Good Feeling
2013 - Wake Me Up
2014 - Timber
2015 - Lean On
2016 - I Took a Pill in Ibiza
2017 - Despacito
2018 - I Like It
2019 - Only Human
2020 - Blinding Lights
2021 - That’s What I Want

And for the hell of it, the BANGER I’ve been listening to the most recently:

The other 12 will be determined through discussion in this thread, but I will have final determination over the 32 entries and their seeding, because it’s my tournament so what the hell. So nominate your favorite banger of all-time for inclusion. I recommend sticking to music from within the past 20 years.


The Tomorrowland top 1000 Playlist on spotify is my go to for anything up this alley, will check it out and send a nomination or two down.

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Despacito needs to be the original and not that knock-off with Bieber.

I think this one was discussed in the BANGERS thread as a worthy contender:




Also gotta have some K-POP

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I won’t Banderas it, but man I’m not a big K-pop fan. This is at least better than anything by BTS.

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Me neither. In fact, I generally hate it because my kids love it and listen to it constantly (mostly BTS).

But, hey, if it bangs, then it’s a BANGER.


Count this one as in. 11 spots still available.

All songs posted under consideration unless you’ve received a Banderas. Pitbull is like the golden ticket that says you’re officially in.

200 (4)

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You mistyped 43 (this is big enough for 64).

In either case, gotta have this one:

It’s already in.

LOL I am dumb.

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GOAT music video created by the guys who directed Everything Everywhere