Ballot Initiatives/State Constitutional Amendments 2020

Post and track them here imo

The state of Florida somehow only has four this year which I can’t even believe. Two seem like straight up bullshit. The minimum wage one is getting ldo pushback from your usual suspects. I’ll post polling when I can dig it up:


Amendment 4 is straight up bullshit. Of course we know if #2 passes it will likely be attacked and blocked in the courts.

NJ has 3. Paraphrased, they are:

  1. Do you support a Constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana.

  2. Do you support a $250 tax credit for disabled veterans who were not disabled in a war?

  3. If the census data is delayed, do you support using the current state legislature map for any 2021 elections?

Massachusetts has a Right to Repair data access law, and ranked choice voting this year. I’m voting hell yes to both.

There is a lot of spending for the Right to Repair one, probably because the last time the state passed a related law it effectively forced all the auto manufacturers to open access in every state. $15M in favor so far, and $25M against.

There has been no real opposition or spending against the ranked choice question.

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#3 Seems universally hated though it looks good on paper. Basically it establishes a jungle primary with the top 2 going on to the general regardless of party. Opens things up to massive riggage imho. Reps and Dems alike seem to hate it so I don’t think it passes.

I agree the GOP legislature/governor Deshitface find a way to kill any minimum wage initiative just like they did the class size amendment and the felon voting amendment.

The people who pushed medical marijuana a few years ago decided not to do anything for full legalization this time around so we’re not getting that. This would have been the year of all years to pass it, too.

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I’d be confident that it would pass in NJ except for the fact that almost nobody even knows it’s on the ballot. And it is on the back of the ballot, so will be missed by even more people. There has been virtually no campaigning or advertising for or against the initiative, and I (an overly engaged progressive) didn’t even know it was going to be on there until like a month ago.

GOATifornia has twelve propositions on this year’s ballot, a few that caught my eye right away were a proposal to allow 17-year-olds to vote in primaries and special elections, restoring felons’ rights to vote, expanding rent control, classifying Uber and Lyft drivers as contractors instead of employees, and a proposal to replace cash bail with a risk assessment.


Uber’s requiring its drivers to say they support Prop 22 before they can accept the fare.

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I voted no. If Uber and Lyft are spending so much on campaigning for yes, there is no way it’s good for their workers


That sounds like vote buying to me.

Illinois is holding a referendum on whether to allow a progressive income tax. When Itried to have the talk with my moderate R Mom about ditching Trump, she immediately steered the conversation to her opposition to that. Basically because she doesn’t think it’s fair that rich people should h a higher percentage than poor people. I tried to explain wealth inequality, bit I don’t think it got through.

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Prop 15 is a modification of the absolute WOAT proposition in CA: 13. If we could repeal 13 totally I’d be happy, but as of now we can’t. Prop 15 is a start, though. It basically repeals it for large businesses, which is a step in the right direction and should provide at least a bit more revenue for the state.

For those who don’t know, Prop 13 is the stupid thing we passed in CA in 1978 (don’t blame me) that fixes property taxes at 1% of the cost of property at acquisition. It is not reassessed each year, as it is in every other sane place. Sounds good, yeah?

Nope. It basically is the root cause of California’s budget problems as well as our housing crisis.

Highly recommend voting Yes on 15. Contrary to the lopsided advertising, it doesn’t raise taxes on residential or small businesses owners.


Thankfully the polling I’ve seen on it looks like it will pass relatively easily.

Knowing nothing about the amendments (yet - I will eventually research), this graphic alone seems like

15: yes
16: yes
19: no
21: yes
22: no
23: hell yes

For those who have done the research, how’d I do?

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I got a text bank from a “Lyft driver” telling me to vote yes on 22. It included a photo. Text bank texts like that cost campaigns a flat rate per text + extra per text based on the length/size of the text. You can imagine how much millions of texts with a photo would cost.

You came pretty close. I would add a big fat NO on 20 (it’s cop funding) and a yes on 25 (ending cash bail). I still am not clear on 24, but I’ve seen Andrew Yang shilling for a yes vote, so take that for what it’s worth.

23 is weird. On one hand, requiring a RN or licensed doctor at a dialysis facility sounds like a no-brainer, but on the other hand, doing so would raise costs and close a lot of clinics. I’m still torn on this one.

I’m surprised no one has spent anything on 17 or 18. They are both Yes for me. 17 is restoring voting rights to felons after completion of prison, and 18 is allowing 17 year olds to vote in primaries if they’ll be 18 by the general.

oh hey, here’s the exact text I got:


Fwiw, the progressive groups I check for recs are deeply divided on Prop 25. All of them want to end cash bail, but some of them believe the system outlined in 25 is bad and ripe for racial inequities.

I don’t really have a dog in the fight as I don’t know. It’s only notable because I can’t recall a voting issue like this where I can’t just go to the people I trust because they actually differ.

Watch John Oliver’s piece on dialysis. 23 seems like a clear yes to me


Florida Dems say yes on Amendment 2, no on all the others fyi