Apollo 13 in real-time & other Space stuff

Ground Elapsed Time (GET) currently @ 023:38:00

I’m going to try and remember to drop in on this when I can over the next week.


Wow. This is amazing.


currently asleep for another 7 hours (scheduled). So this is their last proper sleep - it all kicks off in ~17 hours.

related story on BBC

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I think bad things are about to happen? Confusing website is confusing. No wonder this mission went to shit.




They stirred the tanks :(


It’s amazing how collected they all manage to stay, but at the same time you can hear the concern now in their voices.

I tuned in randomly earlier today and there was a mission control guy talking to his mom about someone’s birthday or whatever and she started rambling and he was clearly trying to find a way to end to call. It was a great random slice of life from back then.

Gonna try to tune in when re-entry happens. Like I don’t have enough anxiety already in my life, I def need to spend hours worrying about whether these three guys are gonna get incinerated because their heat shield was damaged.

Fuck, the shit is really hitting the fan right now. CHECK PAGE 1-5, YOU GUYS, 10 AMPS. 3 different convos going on at once, so chaotic.

These guys are incredible.Just no words. I happened to tune in right now and they’ve realized that the oxygen leak is pushing them off course. I would be losing my shit right now.

This is incredibly riveting shit. I guess I got lucky and tuned in right when shit really started hitting the fan.

“It looks grim.”

The slowly building stress in their conversations is incredible.

They’re starting to use the LEM as a lifeboat, this is stressful as fuck, I might have to tap out.

Oh shit, what’s going on right now is a historic moment in on-the-fly problem solving.


They’ve realized that their main engine might be fucked, but the lunar lander engine might be used as a backup. It’s all seat of the pants shit from here on out.

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138:15 - Time now

This is Apollo Control Houston at 138 hours 15 minutes now into the mission. Apollo 13 presently 34,350 nautical miles out from Earth traveling at a speed of 10,607 feet per second.

142:54 Splashdown

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TV pictures in the feed now.

Unimaginably tense.

“OK Joe”

Edit: that photo of the three open chutes is amazing.

They made it!

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They’re about the land on the moon … allegedly


As this is probably UPs official Moon thread here’s some slow TV of our dear friend - (Based on JAXA / NHK Kaguya Orbiter archive)