Anime sureddo: アニメスレッド (discuss your favorite anime)

Forgive my impudence if this is too obvious but Assuming you’ve seen the GOAT Akira?

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That and Ninja Scroll got near weekly viewings from me for a while there. I took a break of course to binge the jidaigeki television series Lone Wolf and Cub.

We should add those to the Watch Party schedule :+1:

I figured. Your reply to Trolly made it sound like you had a cue of hidden gems.

I can cut deeper. Paprika is where Id go next.

Then probably Demonseed.

The sequel to Ninja Scroll has arrived…

Ninja Scroll 2: Ninja Edit :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve not heard of Paprika. I was into the stuff when I was much younger in the 90s but went in a different direction after the naughty 00s.

Premise for Pakrika sounds great. What’s the tone of the movie?

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Have you seen Perfect Blue?

I have not. Another psychological thriller premise. Those are among my favorites.

Do you have enough affection for some of these that you might participate in watch thread dedicated to anime? No schedule needed for those, I’m thinking more like the X-Files thread. Just a dedicated thread to discuss anime.

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Oh hell yeah. I’m only half attentive right now cuz I’m playing a 30 K on my phone.


I’ve tried getting into anime, but there’s only like a couple of shows/movies that I’ve really enjoyed.

List what you’ve seen and liked. The list of quality anime is not long but the classics are pretty time tested. They parallel your taste in hip hop chronologically.

Yeah, honestly, the animes I like come pretty much from the same era as the hip-hop I like. Like Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, Lupin the 3rd, Akira, stuff like that.

I’ve been watching Castlevania on Netflix. Kinda meh, but I’ve been interested enough to stick with it so far. Gets really horny at the end of S3 for some reason.

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You’ve seen Samurai Champloo?

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Nah, I’ve heard of it but I haven’t seen that one. The first sentence of the description on Amazon Prime sounds like the greatest idea for a show ever:


Intro looks great too. I will seek this show out if I can find a reasonably-priced way to watch it.

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Same writer as cowboy bebop with tons of parallels except set in feudalistic Japan.

The soundtrack is amazing. There are times where the beats shift in unison with poignant moments in the story.

I’m jelly as frick. This one is very special. It’s an eternal question as to which is the Goat anime series: this or Bebop.

I’ve seen this approximately 10 times through and still get depressed when it ends. I ain’t even scared to overhype it cuz it’s not possible.


Oh, I forgot, I also really like Aggretsuko, which is an anime on Netflix about a red panda who works in an office and lets off steam after work by singing death metal in karaoke boxes. It’s basically Dilbert for the 21st century.

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You should let off steam by watching Aggretsuko.

death note legendary

steins;gate s1 is top tier

psycho pass was pretty good

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Obviously biased but Great Teacher Onizuka is one of my favorites. I’m nothing like him but it still cracks me up.


Here’s the list of films that I would recommend:

Vampire Hunter D
Ninja Scroll
Ghost In The Shell
Perfect Blue
Sword Of The Stranger

Crying Freeman is a bit campy in retro sight but was cool as frick if you were watching in 98. If you like John Wick you might dig it.

There’s also an anime remix of the silent film masterpiece “Metropolis” that I haven’t seen yet that looks very interesting.

I will leave all things Miyazaki for a separate discussion. Really feeling Nausica lately.

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Hajime No Ippo was one I really enjoyed that was a bit off the beaten path.

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