Anarcho mask making

Goal is to make and give away masks. Let’s do one thing at a time here.

First, how do we make these masks?


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My sister in law has been making these for the whole week for local hospitals. I will ask her for the information. There is a certain s type of cotton that is best and either vacuum filters or air conditioner filters can be cut to insert and are replaceable. I’ll shoot her an email for the info.

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What do you mean with masks? The simpliest variation is a thin enough to breathe through piece of fabric over your nose and mouth.

Here is one vid for some more complicated stuff. I am certain that there is also a bunch of similar vids in english.

Some english speaking cool ideas.

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Reply from SIL:

Here is the video I was directed to follow based on the nurses that had asked for assistance.

I was informed that if vacuum filter bags, or air filters are purchased and cut to fit inside the pockets of the masks, the percentage of filtration is very high along with 100% cotton (tight woven) not Jersey knit or anything like that. But masks without filters still filter over 50% which is better than nothing.

One mask:

*One rectangle: 24cm x 19cm

*Two rectangles: 18cm x 13cm

*Two elastic cords: 7-8 inches


I started to investigate access to raw materials from my company, and it turns out we’re already pursuing mask manufacturing in China. Filters are part of a product we make.

So it’s sucks that I’m not able to offer free filters here, but it’s good that my company is devoting engineering resources to do something good?

My assumption is they’ll donate them or sell them at cost. If they sell them at the usual margins, bad.


Here’s some specs, designs, design reviews, requirements:

Parent document:

Main site:

Mug a gimp and steal his mask?

School in Scotland uses 3D printer to start making coronavirus visors for hospital staff

That looks cool. I don’t have a sewing machine. I will have to consult with my mother-in-law on this. Will be seeing her in a couple days.

My m-in-l no longer has a sewing machine.

Anyone in SoCal have one?

I have a sewing machine. But not in So Cal. I don’t really understand are you serious and what exactly do you want? I mean… you don’t seriously plan to reduce the shortage of this masks on the market. I hope not. Do you want to make one for every unstucker? Do you plan to make some kind of $? I fail to see the goal of this action.

edit: Have you ever in your life done any sewing? (Any dude here? I mean besides obligatory button in the school. )

Meeehhhh . Sry for being not-positive.

I found a sewing machine with operator, but they need to be brought into this. Our next door neighbor - a close friend and same grade as my younger daughter. She’s also a big-time girl scout and should be up for a community service project.

This kind of thing makes me smh, but then most people think like this and I’m used to it. No, I’m not trying to change the entire planet all by my lonesome. There are people who want masks. I’m sure there are some people around me whether I know them personally or not. I might be able to do something about it. One person’s contribution. That’s all I would aim to make.

If we get this up and running and any unstucker wants one, I’d be happy to send one (though I’m not necessarily paying for shipping - especially if it’s international).

No. I might take a donation though, but not until/if the project gets off the ground.

Meanwhile, I’ll look into sourcing the material needed/stop by Michael’s I guess unless anyone else has a better suggestion (not Amazon - I guess there are problems with Michael’s, but Amazon is ruining the world or something - fuck that.).


Also, I’d rather be making ventilators but had even less confidence in getting that project going - would cost from a few hundred to more than a thousand dollars to get rolling with the 3D printer and supplies.

My sister in law has donated 50 reusable masks to a local hospital at this point. That’s 50 nurses who have 90% better protection than nothing for the time that they use them.


Our neighborhood is making masks. We have a sewing machine, so I’ll see if I can prod my wife into making some.

Michael’s and Joanne’s were closed, so I guess I’m going to buy stuff online - but not Amazon.

Anyone else making masks have a source for the material? @JohnnyTruant - wanna ask your s-in-l? Even if it is Amazon I’ll look for a non-Amazon equivalent.

Dunno if I’ll try to donate to a hospital, random people, or if I’m too shy find someone else (ship them to JT’s sil maybe?).

Cool thread. I should wear one of those bra masks to work tomorrow and see how long before I get sent home. :D


My sil got the material in person at Walmart. She said the elastic was the hardest thing to find for her right now. She has not been able to find any more but said you can use the fabric to make ties.

Thanks. I’ll go to walmart tomorrow. Seems like coffee filters are ok instead of vacuum bags?

Working on confirming the sewing equipment.

Who knew, but I should have tried to make Unstuck face masks instead of T-shirts.