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I’d like my account completely nuked. This community has no collective interest in making and enforcing rules (but thanks for the attempt @MrWookie), and that puts me in an unfortunate spot.

It’s pointless to put much energy into an attempt to show I’m the one on the receiving end of the instigation here, because clearly nobody gives a shit, but to anyone who does care to spend 30 seconds on it I’ll just say this: look at jalfrezi and fidget’s most replied to posters and mine. I’m currently tied for #1 on jalfrezi’s list, #2 on fidget’s, and neither is on mine. Coming at me is one of their main pastimes here, not the other way around. I also think the severity and personal nature of the attacks is pretty different, but whatever. I’m biased, and nobody cares.

Anyway their abuse is not going anywhere, and mods won’t delete a number of baseless attacks on my character, so that means my choice is to tolerate really offensive abuse and let it exist unchallenged, or keep getting banned - the only thing that led to any action being taken at all was making a big deal of it and that just led to a triple ban.

So that’s fine - community modding means the community gets to set the tone and priorities, but instead of that choice, door #3 sounds like a winner. So I’m out, I’ll lurk on a new account and PM people I want to discuss stuff with instead.

Since I made the incredibly stupid mistake of identifying myself on this account and the baseless attacks are still up, I’d appreciate it if this account just gets totally wiped out/nuked as if it never existed.

This is not a request to make rules, not a request to ban anyone, not an attempt to leverage my presence to get what I want. All I want is this account gone, and to personally be done in any visible way here, so the sooner that can happen the better as far as I’m concerned. This was both my initial reaction when furious and my reaction two days later, so it’s what I think is best. I’ll enjoy my experience as much or more, worry less, waste less time, and never cause an issue for the forum again. Sorry if that’s a lot of work for mods/admins, I appreciate it if so and apologize for being an inconvenience.

I had typed up a long farewell post about how this made me feel and what Unstuck meant to me and all that, but let’s keep it real, nobody wants to read all that. There were some cool discussions and some really smart people here and I learned a lot from some of them and enjoyed many of the discussions. Hopefully a few people learned a few things or got some ideas or inspiration from my walls of text the last few years, or a few laughs from the jokes/memes. Take care everyone. Thanks and goodbye. Anyone who wants to pm me, for now you can pm @the_ghost_of_cuse.

@ProxyOP the people I think can nuke an account: @goofyballer @MrWookie @RiskyFlush @skydiver8 @goreo @microbet @zikzak

If you can’t nuke it, don’t permaban me yet, because I’d want to delete as many posts as I could find with identifying info first. I don’t think it’s possible to get them all (at least one is an OP), which is why I want to be nuked.

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Stopped reading here. I really don’t have a problem with you but god DAMN you do go on.


This seems extreme man, make wait a few days and reassess.


Coming from someone who values most of your posting, it would be an absolute shame for you to leave over this. You are not going to make everyone like you or agree with you. I hope you ignore the shitty people like the rest of us and continue posting on this incredibly valuable forum.


Reconsider. I consider you an asset to the community. Literally no one is judging your character off of personal attacks against you.


It’s been a few days already. It’s how I felt when I was furious Sunday and it’s how I feel now. It was a massive mistake on my part identifying myself, and this is the only thing that fixes it.

When I thought that was wise, I was thinking of the 50-100 best regs, who I was confident it was fine to be that transparent with. I was too foolish to consider the ramifications if just one person at any time wanted to cause me trouble.

Beyond that I expect to be way happier spending my time on here lurking and having private discussions then I have been on here any time recently with the exception of election week.

Has doxing yourself led to any personal ramifications at this point?

Thanks, appreciate it. I know most of the people here aren’t judging my character off it, and none of the people whose opinion I’d care about are, but that’s the problem with my name being linked.

Just the personal stress of worrying about the stuff that’s been said about me floating out there. But I haven’t applied for a job, given anyone any reason to dig into my background, etc. It’s not worth worrying about if I ever apply for a job again, do anything public facing again in the media world, etc.

I appreciate that, and I consider the forum largely valuable but I messed up doxxing myself by choice and being so open about my real life.

I wouldnt worry about doxing yourself. I have a lot of experience with this and people make way too big a deal with it. Most people simply dont care or hold a big enough grudge to make your life miserable and even if they did there’s very few things they can do to it that would be at most be mildly annoying.

Like for instance I have El Diablo from 2p2’s personal info, and have looked him up before. Probably one of the most secretive posters of all time. What am I gonna do with this information? i’ve since forgotten it. All you have is like, a name, maybe an area you live in. You really can’t do a ton with that.


I’ve been pretty open with my life here too. I am quite sure anyone here could find me if they wanted to. No matter what your opinions are on some of the culprits I think doing anything nefarious to hurt your real life is pretty unlikely.

Honestly it has been hard for me to stay out of this. It is an extension of older drama that is manifesting itself as this imo. I am on your side that personal attacks should be strongly discouraged if not outright banned. That being said I have been happier the last few months ignoring them and not fanning the flames. I would at least encourage you to try that first. No one ever wins an internet fight there are only degrees of losers.


I’m not worried about people here coming after me IRL, they already have my name so what’ll happen will happen. I’m worried about someone Googling me for something important in a year, five years, who knows when and finding the real name → screenname connection and seeing the stuff that’s been said about me.

It’s super unlikely, but catastrophic if it happens and it’s something I worry about, so I just want peace of mind on it. We all know I worry a lot about very unlikely but catastrophic outcomes.

I googled your name and your city and UP does not appear on the first page.

I have had a hate site made about me linking my screen name to my real name. Like it was the first or second result when you googled me. Honestly nothing happened - I had it taken down, because it was slanderous and untrue. But I havent done anything online I’d be embarrassed about people knowing IRL, nor do I imagine you have.

without a site linking your name to your screenname, that comes up first on google when you search your real name - it would take a tremendous amount of sleuthing to link specific posts or whatever to your name. Like I said people just dont care. People IRL know my screenname and have never found this forum or either of my blogs. Honestly people just dont give enough of a shit.


Just change the IRL name IMO, problem solved


Dude, no one is going to do this. Who in the world would spend tens of hours searching this stuff about you and sifting through thousands and thousands of posts on an obscure internet forum? No one cares.


I am for a ban on personal attacks. It would solve this problem almost immediately.

  1. You’re overthinking this.
  2. Don’t leave.

Let me assure you these already exist