Abolishing landlords -- it's well past time

Someone was VERY OFFENDED by the rent strike we are organizing in my town

Somehow this was the one twitter conversation that ever went well with this kind of disagreement and shade thrown



Ban employers too. (but that doesn’t mean everyone works for the government)


Yes! Just like in so many other areas of life, this virus is laying bare just how absurd the current structures are. There’s no need to bail out any industry, corporation, or company. Only give aid to INDIVIDUALS.

It’s patently absurd to give money to a corporation and ask them nicely to please give some of it to their employees. The property, the means, are all still there, and will still be there when this is over. All that’s changed is you’ve taken away the labor, and revealed that there’s no wealth created, and thus no wealth to suck up and hoard, without labor. What is the use of a company, if not to create value? Do not waste resources propping up a company during a time when it cannot create any value.

Everyone saying “at LEAST bail out the small businesses, so that we don’t have all restaurants owned by the same giant corporation once this is all over.” That is really ridiculous. First of all, that’s already the direction we were headed; this is only speeding things but. But we can simply say to any corporation, “No, you cannot own ALL of that.” We’ve done it before. We just didn’t go far enough or stick to it long enough.

And as for letting the capitalist at the head of a company decide who gets laid off when, and who gets paid what? That’s totally unnecessary. We live under this ridiculous myth that this capitalist, who employs labor at his WHIM rather than according to human need, is necessary to “create jobs.” As if the work isn’t there, and doesn’t need doing, without the capitalist to be the director, motivated by his own desires. As if we could EVER create some kind of free system that automatically allocates products according to demand, as if we don’t currently have 10x homes vacant per homeless person.

No, we can have decentralized democracy in every workplace.


Yeah, it turns out that when we can’t afford capitalism, like during a pandemic, capitalism can just simply be turned off.

There is no reason to let it be turned back on again. Ever. Millions of people are going to die. Let’s not let their deaths be in vain.



Yea the CV has made it painfully obvious that we can’t rely 100% on capitalism. It’s a problem we need to fix but I have no clue how to do it. Easiest thing to do is UBI but good luck getting that passed w/ the garbage in Congress.

herp, derp



Editing the callout from your post apparently doesn’t take it out of the recipient’s inbox, so you know for next time. Careful with your demonic summons, sir.


Are landlords a necessary evil or an actual good, iyo?

How does one go about obtaining a place to live if he’s looking for a short term (1-3 years) place in a world without landlords?

Ask people in Germany imo.

@GermanGuy, @LouisCyphre, @zarapochka

But I don’t want to be abolished!

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How about a compromise. You can be a landlord but you shouldn’t get the benefit of rising house prices in addition to rent cos you didn’t build that. House prices are 90%+ down to network effects. If a house you own has been rented then the difference between the buying and selling price should come back to us. We generated that shit.

What’s amazing is that the only people working right now are people perceived as the lower rung. Truck drivers, garbage men, police officers, warehouse workers, health care workers, cashiers, public transport, gas station attendants are now the essential workers. They’re doing all the work and getting none of the money. These people have way more power than they think and if all of them go on strike it can easily shut down the economy.

General strike across the board. All people now classified as essential just go on strike and refuse to pay rent. The process of evicting is a long one and the strike will likely end before an eviction can be carried out, especially if those who process the necessary paperwork refuse to do so…


Who are we?

I mean… this thread… It is … I learned here a good expression that describes very well what I think of the thread title: herp derp.

There are such and such landlords. I rent now from a company who regulates everything for a couple of owners. It is absolutely brilliant. They really take care of everything and ensure that the right amount from the rents is put aside for upkeep. I think it is also OK for the owners because that company regulates everything with shitty renters.

I rented before from a landlady. That was pretty stupid. She didn’t take care of anything. But… also didn’t increase the rent in 15 years.

At the end she tried to scare me into renovating the apartment for her and was an incredible bitch at the apartment & keys transfer. But she chose the wrong one to try this shit.

So… I mean…

It is obvious that there must be good regulation of landlord - renters relationship so that no side is screwed. And this thread … SMH.


Not every place is Germany. Landlords have a stranglehold on tenants in America and can legally do any number of things to fuck people over. Jared Kushner is the prime example of what landlords are only on a much larger scale.

The people in the local community who generated that additional value. Whatever the equivalent of local councils are in your area.

Because of that things need to be regulated in a sensible manner and not drifting-off in a totally weird direction.


Once landlords got power, it gave them more power to get even more power and to limit the power of a tenant. Soon, the power balance between tenant and landlord was no longer anything resembling balance. The idea that regulation can be passed at this point to benefit tenants is naive at best.

Without any influence on politicians and unelected leaders who create laws, tenants are powerless aside from a rent strike.