2021 College Football Gameday Thread

Oh, they’re not even calling an obvious helmet to helmet targeting? WTF?

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an ohio state univeristy

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as someone with OSU -13.5 the refs are doing great

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Yeah complete bullshit. Dude didnt try to wrap up. Just pure targetting.

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The guy only lost the ball because of a momentary loss of consciousness on the way to the ground due to the blow to the head, not because the defender knocked it out of his hands.


Vegas geniuses win again I reckon

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I know nobody cares but the referees are going to win time of possession in this Arizona State game. This game is going to go forever.
Not quite forever but an ugly game. Jayden Daniels left the game early in the 2nd half. Hopefully just cramps but 2nd string guy had thrown 2 passes up to tonight. Overall ASU less than impressive.

Not gonna watch but I’m cheering for the Badgers.


So UNC is fraudulent, noted

Dook stay Dook

UNC OL 10 yards downfield on a forward pass, no flag

Pass was behind the line.

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man remember that time Duke was actually decent

They’re losing @ Charlotte

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So much for the Sam Howell for Heisman campaign

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  1. Charlotte’s Web
  2. Charlotte
  3. Dook

Either Michigan St is competent or Northwestern is godawful. Only time will tell.

Porque no Los dos

Lololol Michigan being perennially worse than Michigan State

Kansas uh, again guys, really

that’s not even the top tier South Dakota one (just as well they would’ve blown you the hell out)

Woot. Hi college football.

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Saw the SD score and thought for a second this is the school my friend teaches at but then, “Wait, do they even have a football team?” They do but it’s not them.