2021 College Football Gameday Thread

So we don’t clog up the sports betting thread

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Yes, yes.

2021: Tennessee still shit

I :heart: football

and weed gummies


Should I actually be excited, or am I just being baited?

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I’m not excited yet…but cautiously optimistic


Not for nothing but “Stroud” sounds to me like the name of a career backup QB.

For the Colts

Either Auburn was on to something and Gus is actually trash or Boise is deceptively stronk

God I hate the draw on 3rd and 30. At least chuck it up and see what happens.

UCF had a horrible INT in the end zone for a pick six. I prefer to wait a full game before trashing coaches.

Well except Nebraska

welp, cautious optimism has run out

Nebraska football is over with. Imagine how it feels to hire Frost after Pelini and seeing this product on the field.

Welp. Gophers for backdoor cover?

Ohio State probably going to make the playoffs, because lol BIG10. But can’t see them winning

6:30 in, ASU has 75 yards in penalties. Not that it matters against S Utah. :crossed_fingers:

How is that not targeting?

Fuck this game

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