2020 The Worst Year ever watch thread - US only, nowhere else matters

This tweet started me thinking a bunch of things people wrote down in history books is happening all at once

plus a presidential election of Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

plus sideplots with potential that are being monitored as we speak
murder hornets
monkeys trying to kill us escaping with covid from a lab
end of america

clusterfuck things that got relegated to just footnotes
Iowa Democratic Primary

what did I forget about?

(yes, the comparison isn’t perfect, trump’s a combination of the worst qualities of like 5 presidents but you can’t fit all that in a tweet)

I just retweeted this.

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Apparently it’s supposed to be a huge hurricane year.

So we’ve got that to look forward to, which is nice.

No/limited sports.


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sports is TBD, maybe should go under monitoring. We’ve had sports restrictions before that isn’t enough yet.

Brexit, is a country doing something stupid on their own enough? Seems out to me but I’ll listen to arguments.

It could quite literally break up the UK as we know it, with both Ireland and Scotland leaving.

online poker got good again for a while

Australian wildfires.

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wait, that was THIS year? (k, looking it up–it crossed over) this trump era where everything feels like forever ago.

Nobody remembers how everyone thought WW3 was gonna break out in January either. :man_shrugging:


That isn’t going to end up making the list (unless things go further). Though I always thought the WW3 talk wasn’t warranted, no major country was gonna step in to defend Iran.

Countries breaking up only make a list like that if it’s because of a war so I don’t see it. It’s arguably not bad–certainly more annoying if you travel or business and whatnot between the two but not seeing it making the list in the end. Maybe a footnote though. tl;dr long way to go, lot of shit is gonna happen. This isn’t a complete list–just a list they definitely are gonna put down.

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How could you forget to mention Kobe Bryant

Being shocked and deeply affected by a celebrity death… such simpler times.

If Trump wins again this is the fucking WOAT year. Just the fucking WOAT. If he doesnt win, man there is a path, but still hard.



Is this just about America? I guess so. Therein lies the problem with your country.

Here’s the solution (and I don’t mean emigrate).


This guy gets it.

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Wtf… Nowhere else matters huh!!!