2020 NFL/CFB GAMEDAY thread

Is playing football during a pandemic (or ever) a good idea? Probably not, but fuck it, I am ready for some football.

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Nobody kneeling. Oh, there’s one

How did they decide who got tickets for tonight’s game?

Random ballot or corporate first?

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Breeland Speaks was kneeling. Only one that I saw.


The Chiefs kick off their season in less than two hours. And if you want to go to the game, even with the limited seating the Chiefs had announced due to the pandemic, you’re in luck.

StubHub shows many tickets available, starting as low as $120 but mostly in the $150 range. Capacity for the game was being capped at about 16,000 inside Arrowhead Stadium, which usually holds about 76,000 for a full house.

The fact that tickets are plentifully available is one thing, but how that availability meshes with the Chiefs’ “pod” seating system, wherein fans are required to sit in groups separated by others, is unclear.

And it’s hard to say what’s keeping the seats from being as full as the Chiefs’ 22%-of-capacity policy would otherwise allow. Perhaps it’s because the weather has been unseasonably cool and wet in Kansas City, with a steady drizzle falling throughout most of the day.

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The Tubes!

Lol every time I hear this song on the radio or random through Spotify I record it via Instagram and DM it to a buddy of mine

Al Michaels is a full on deplorable and the mask is slipping.

I had no fucking idea there would be people there. Think how much these missouri deplorables are hating this moment of silence right now

Chiefs fans #1

Get that change out of the way and FOOTBALL


I thought every available seat would be taken.

So the attendance today is just a normal sized game in Miami or Jacksonville. Lettuce Football.

Good for Collinsworth. I love Al Michaels as a broadcaster but he’s a piece of shit human. Deafening silence there.

I’m surprised especially in KC where I don’t expect people to care much about covid

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Booing MoS followed by ‘Tomahawk Chop’ - eek.

And the game is over that was fun

Ughh why was the Texans scheme to “chip” to the inside on that? And if Watson knows that why is his drop so deep. The RT was just pushing back so Watson could sit under. If that was a true 1 step drop Watson sneaks under and is still running. That was so dumb.