2+2 politics doesn't like Trump quotes

So, I just got a temp ban from 2+2 for basically suggesting a poster do exactly the same thing as the president suggested. The president suggested he drink bleach, and I made the point that perhaps antifreeze would be more efficacious at combatting the coronavirus. The wording of the ban was “telling a poster to commit suicide”.

I would like to make the scientific point that antifreeze is indeed more effective than bleach at combatting the coronavirus, as, antifreeze kills you faster, and viruses don’t like dead people.

Now that I’ve posted this here, I fully expect this ban to become longer or permanent (looking at you, “well named”, or whatever you post as here). Such are the sacrifices we make.


Nah you can’t tell idiots to drink antifreeze. That’s just not ok.

In a context where you are surely joking sure.

Seems like an obvious joke to me and it was to whomever banned him as well.

Welcome OP

It can’t be an obvious joke because everyone who posts on 2p2 politics is an idiot.

Forget about it and just post here.

d2 e4 did nothing wrong


It’s pretty funny that Trump bot should be banned here.

Well, he did make an illegal move.

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