What's this forum's connection to the Paradox forum?

A couple of days ago I created an account at the Paradox Forum to submit a bug report (HOI IV), styling myself as one “General Pardon”. Yesterday I logged back in to see if there were any responses, and it turned out my handle there was changed to “von_Internet”. :face_with_monocle:

I used the same e-mail address as here, but fail to see why the name would change automatically because of that. Is this some trickery by someone here who is a mod over there? If so, I demand satisfaction! :crossed_swords:

I love paradox games but I’ve never posted there

This is funny

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Did you use open auth to login either here or at Paradox? “Signin with Google”, or Facebook, Apple, etc. Something other than a username and password?

If so, it seems likely that Paradox is using data that comes from the external auth provider to set your username, and your username here got associated with the account you actually use to login.

That would be my guess anyway.

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ZikzakMedia LLC owns both forums


This. I had signed here with the same email on which I have one wordpress account. The discourse then took on autopilot the avatar I used there.

See what else you have connected to this email.

This is creepy.

No to both. I did link the Paradox account to my Steam account though; maybe this got me into that realm. Mind that the original handle was working at least the first few hours.

Is von_Internet your steam name? That might explain it.

No, von_Internet is an original creation. :face_with_monocle:

I used a gmail address though; maybe that has something to do with it? I don’t even mind; I’m just curious. But in case someone finds the post in question: This is also no joke.

well named sure seems to know a lot about how literal Nazi game maker Paradox might nefariously generate screen names for new forum posters. THE MASK SLIPS!


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wtf at that portrait.

von: I have no idea what’s going on then

that’s not the real paradox portrait for Adolf, just the funniest picture on the first page of the google image search for hoi4 hitler.

But yeah man, some modder did that. lol.

edit: apparently there’s a “sexy hitler” mod and that’s what it’s from.

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“Hello paradox? I can’t get my sexy hilter mod to work properly, please advise.”

afaik nobody here is connected to Paradox, and I have no idea why or how this happened. Even if one of us were, there is nothing here capable of linking to an account there. Your account here isn’t currently associated with Google or anything else other than the email you registered with.


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I did it


I think this happened to me with another discourse forum. I can’t remember the exact details though.

I have a Paradox account and have used their forums but it’s in no way connected to this one afaik. I use the same email for it as I use for Steam, but I Don’t use it for this site so :man_shrugging:

Looks like you got paradoxxed.

I’ll see myself out.



Be careful they are watching.

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