What do you disagree with on the left?

It’s always good to recheck and measure your political views from time to time. This helps us avoid errors, group think and allows us a chance to incorporate new data.

What, if anything, from the orthodox left do you disagree with and why?

I thought this might be a good thread to spur debate since we are all similarly positioned on the political spectrum. It could also help us test and update our priors.

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Public sector unions

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This is a really tough one for me given what is going on.

I think there are some sectors of public service that still require unions. Here we have nurses unions, for example.

I also don’t hate the idea of police unions on the face of it. It’s their unchecked power and focus on protecting their members no matter what that needs to end.

What counts as orthodox left?

Entirely up to each poster.

Well I disagree with a lot of what joe biden says. Does that count?

Sure I guess. It’s an off topic response which has a thread already dedicated to it. But ok.

I disagree that there is any value in earnest navel gazing radical centrist middle ground compromise affected superiority virtue signaling bullshit when we’re in the middle of a war and losing.


I’m pro gun. Not because I think guns are better for society (they aren’t), but because I think that’s not an issue where meaningful reform can be made And even the attempt wastes political capital

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The idea on the liberal left that you can persuade people out of their Nazi views.


I disagree with tankies that there should be an armed communist insurrection tomorrow. I disagree with accelerationists that making things worse faster will make things better. I disagree with anyone who thinks that the lol NGO PMC industrial complex will do any good. I guess they probably count as “left” in most circles. But that’s kind of the problem. People tend to no true leftist things that they disagree with so it’s an odd way to approach things imo.

I would say more generally the idea that people can be presented with evidence that will get them to drop their fear based political views. The science shows that this actually makes them believe more deeply in their fear based views because the act of presenting evidence places you in the “threat” category.

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This is a really sad response. I feel bad for you if you honestly think this.

Pretty much what geewhysee said, but also everything on the authoritarian-left/tankies. Moar freedom, local control and civil liberty, not less.

I’ve never heard the term tankies. What does it represent?

This is a good one too. I flip on it all the time. I want to believe conversation and exposure to the other works but there is growing evidence it doesn’t. This just seem so nihilistic though and it’s hard to see where it leaves us.

Stalinists, or at least members of the CP.

The push for Election Day to be a national holiday. Stupid idea that won’t help the people it is supposed to be targeted towards. All it will end up being is another day for retail sales.


This does seem like a super low value thing to fight for. Killing voter ID laws and other forms of suppression should be the singular focus.

Thanks that makes sense.