Welcome to the fuckshow

Do we have a queer and trans thread? If we do, merging is fine

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Weve had some trans threads. They were shit shows.

Maybe we can have a “everyone agrees this is bad let’s judge Republicans” trans thread, and then a “hey. Dont shout at me for my casual transphobia you bigot” trans thread.


Love you Rugby

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More fucking. Thread title is a lie.



But seriously, this is going to get worse before it gets better.

In my opinion the main problem is that your median Dem isn’t really for trans rights and probably only became pro-gay rights after it became fashionable (ie. Obama).

As such trans people have no real political allies and are being fed to the wolves. Imagine Biden trying to do something to protect trans people. Never happening.

And so when marriage inequality inevitably falls we will get op-eds and sternly written letters and not much else.


TN been pushing really hard the last decade to replace OH and FL as worst in the nation.

Feels like every spring when lot state legislators doing their thing has just been a complete clown show in R states last few years. Like the they literally just competing to propose/pass the craziest most hateful stuff

Jesus fucking christ.

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I get a fair amount of Matt Walsh et al in my Twitter “for you” feed from being a reply guy arguer but going through the feed right now it’s roughly 30% random accounts shitting on trans people.

I also would have accepted:


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Let’s spend over a century’s worth of money fighting this because we’re so damn fiscally conservative.

Yeah, I don’t know about that. This is just going to lead to more cursed “Lady G” discourse.

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Now I want them to pass more bad laws.


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