View: Forum Software should not override Ctrl-F behavior

See above. The search feature is fine, but it’s not a useful replacement for searching text on the current page.


I agree but I also have a feeling it’s just a Discourse default and thus possibly a pain in the ass to change.

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I assume Marks’ link explains if you CTRL+F twice it behaves as expected


I probably just haven’t tried enough, but the search on this site seems to suck. Next time I’ll make a better effort.

Hey, neat.

Also didn’t read the link so this might be mentioned there too.

The discourse search is necessary most of time because the majority of the page you want to search isn’t actually in your browser where ctrl-f does any good. Comments are loaded and unloaded as you scroll, so the “page” only contains a few above and below what’s visible.

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Yeah all that our discourse experts shared here were mentioned in the link.