Ukraine Invasion 2: no more Black Sea fleet for you

On one hand, there is wildlife flourishing in Chernobyl, so I’m not sure if a few days there will give you acute symptoms of radiation exposure. OTOH, the troops were very close to the reactor, and there’s an added concern that dust kicked up from vehicles is making the area much more dangerous than normal.


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Stop advertising the alternate title for a Russian’s war book

The video is quite graphic. One of the Russians that is lying dead on the ground in a puddle of blood has his hands tied behind his back.

QFT. Woof.

Somebody indicated there’s no way one could get radiation poisoning from Chernobyl now, just almost assuredly cancer

Kinda disturbing that they were filming this stuff.

Seems like they might be some kind of Georgia foreign legion. Which could explain why they don’t care about the filming as much. And would also explain why one of them has their Ukraine flag patch upside down.


Would also be suitable for covid thread or terrible people dying thread.


In this order, it sounds like a reasonable approach (though Idk military strategy). But that does give them a land bridge from Russia to Crimea, right? Anyway they can go as far as they can toward accomplishing this then declare victory I guess.

For anyone afraid of destabilizing risk, a hot stalemate with Russia holding the Donbas and the Azov coast (land bridge) seems like the worst possible outcome. Ukraine will never accept that. They’ll always be ready to fight to get it back.

What most people want is for the shooting to decrease to a tolerable level so they can get back to normal. Or maybe that should be “normal”. Your worst possible outcome fits the bill well enough.

Biology is what this century’s smart people should be studying. I don’t know if it’s bs but there are studies showing small amounts of ionizing radiation are beneficial.

The dust contains Cs-137, which has a half-life of 30 years. You breathe that in and you get a continuous dose of radiation for the rest of your life. Idk but seems like a guaranteed way to eventually get cancer.

Most animals in the wild don’t live long enough to have to worry about cancer.

Yeah this. It’s also gotta be difficult territory to hold so not very attractive proposition for Russia either. Tbh I’m not sure they would settle for it even if it were strategically viable. Once you go full Nazi I’m not sure it can end in anything but total success or total humiliation. And success is already off the table.

same with early humans?

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Let’s not go there Bette