TV Watchalong Interest/Suggestions Thread

As you may know, @beetlejuice recently hosted an excellent thread wherein we watched Twin Peaks and shitposted memes and stuff. Now that that’s over, I wondered if there was any interest in group-watching another show at around 8PM or so on like Wed or Th. Could be any kind of show; I’m partial to prestige dramas, but w/e. Anyone interested?

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100% need to page @RiskyFlush for this

in for The Shield and that’s it

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perpetual grace, ltd

show me a hero

the young pope


I absolutely enjoyed the Twin Peaks watchalong and was honestly a thing I looked forward to every week during the early stages of the pandemic.

My top two choices

  1. Succession anticipating the new season

  2. If not that, god damn it The Wire


So FWIW, you did successfully convince me to watch The Shield during this pandemic. Hell of a series.

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Would you watch S1 of Succession on Thursday evenings?

  • Yes, and I will post dank memes
  • No, I have more important things going on

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Would you watch S1 of The Shield on Thursday evenings?

  • Yes, I love prestige TV
  • No, I am too busy reading books

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How good is the shield later series? I think I watched the first 3 a long time ago. Is it worth revisiting for the later series?

Even better than the early seasons.

Hmm, I might have to skip shitty Thursday night football games for it, but I might be willing to do that.

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I could do Wed if people prefer, I forgot about football.

we should start a rewatch soon because i’m busting not posting gifs

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I’m too lazy and distracted to start it up.