Trump's America

Was in Baltimore a few weeks ago, before The Orange started up with Rep. Cummings, and googled the airport because I had never been there before. Saying the quiet parts outloud I guess

New Jersey stores pull controversial black dolls designed for abuse from shelves

BAYONNE, New Jersey – Controversial black rag dolls that are designed to be abused were pulled from shelves in three New Jersey stores after customers and one state lawmaker called them offensive.

Instructions on the “Feel Better Doll” tell customers to grab it firmly by the legs, find a wall, and slam the doll against it.

“Don’t forget to yell, ‘I FEEL GOOD, I FEEL GOOD,’” a patch on the doll’s stomach reads.

Where to start?

Should have made them white with orange head and yellow hat?

Arizona state senator complains about immigrants “flooding us and overwhelming us”, says we’re going to look like a South American country soon

True story: she hails from a town named ‘Snowflake’

These actually exist. One of my coworkers got one as a White Elephant gift last year. It was called a dammit doll.

Ilhan Omar’s challenger was recently charged with stealing 279 items from Target which is funny on its own but the fact that she’s even running for Congress is just bananas:

Maybe she just sucks at talking to an interviewer and really fires it up when she speaks…nope.

She’s perfect for the modern GOP. Perfect.

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This is what we’re up against. And we’re losing lol

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I heard she was a recovering Opiod Addict… Any truth to this?

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There is 0 doubt in my mind that Trump thinks her first name is Omar after just listening to that.

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Call the cops for help, end up dead.

Protect and serve developing a new meaning.

When you have a school shooting, it’s tremendously – it angers me actually. It really angers me. It frustrates everybody. You say how could a thing like this happen? How it is possible? When you see innocent children being killed, teachers. That’s something that you just never can really get over. And you say is there something we can do? What can we do? … Well, you can do a lot of things we’ve done. You know, we did a report. The Florida shooting was horrible. … And we did a report. And they really appreciated the report. We did it with them and with experts. And I’m going to give you a copy of it. … There were a lot of red flags with that shooter. I think they said there were 36 red flags. … People didn’t do what they should have done. … So those are events that really are tough to take when you’re the president of a country.

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Cumberland County, VA Republican Committee disowns their Republican House rep because he officiated a same-sex wedding


Huh, yep. Still 2019. Thought maybe Id gone back in time.

His punches are so wimpy. Lucky he picked on an old guy because anyone that knows what they’re doing lays that chump out quickly.

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Crazy how cops can always just calmly arrest violent white dudes.


Those were crowd control cops not patrol the streets cops.

The mean streets of Cincinnati.
Pedro v Zimmer 2019
Young guy lucky a 3rd man in didn’t lay him out.

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Lock him up chant was solid