(To the tune of 'Barcelona') Vaccinations

I assume there isn’t a huge anti-vaxer contingent on here. But I also assume there’s a range of opinions on mandatory vaccination. This seems like the perfect time to start discussing the issue, and in particular, whether the 'rona has changed or is threatening to change your opinion on it.

If you’d asked me a year ago about vaccines, I’d probably have said something like: “Obviously we need to educate and encourage people, but we have to stop short of literally forcing people to accept injections, that sets a terrible precedent and who knows what might follow?”

Now? I’m far less confident. I’m on the verge of committing to just… everyone’s getting vaccinated. Against everything. If you’re not medically unfit for vaccination (which I understand some people are) then you’re getting the shot. Kick and scream all you like, you’re getting the shot. Does anyone want to try and curb my burgeoning authoritarianism?

So — on a scale from “It must be purely voluntary” to “You’re getting an injection, it’s the vaccine or it’s a bullet, you have five seconds to decide” where are you, and has COVID-19 changed that view, or do you think it may be changing it?

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None of this religious exemption bullshit. God isn’t real


Or, at the very least, it seems super weird that He really wants people dying of the measles.