these are the people who keep you safe at night (cia)

Sounds like a fucking great place to work. P.S. working in it sux bad.

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Confirms what I always knew. Difficult stuff is not the technical but emotions and character.


working in a black job is hard. You know how you come home and talk to your family, your spouse, or your friends about your day? It’s a nice way to decompress, let off steam, etc.

Yeah, if you work in a SCIF you can’t do that. Sometimes you can’t even tell your spouse what you really do. Imagine the stress of not just hiding your true job from your closest family, but possibly having to outright lie about it?

You know which days are hardest? The ones where you have a great day at work, you accomplish something or do something that would make anyone proud…and you can’t share that joy with your loved ones. Those days were way harder than the boring or bad ones.

It’s really easy to start thinking, “oh, there’s no bugs in my car, I can tell my husband about the cool shit we’re doing.” Even the most dedicated people can fall into that trap. I took my clearance and my oath seriously, but I won’t lie and say it was easy.


Also, all the murder torture and undermining are hard too

LOL you are a trip.

my job consisted of power point, excel, and briefing generals. Oh, and the stuff I CAN talk about:


This is why it’s so hard for me to take some of the far left seriously. You have literally no idea what you’re talking about.

This cuts to the heart of the question and basically organization as a human society. The people who excel are those who place their own person interests above those of the group and are willing to say whatever in their nihilistic pursuit of advancement. This strategy is so successful that probably a majority of people in positions of high regard spend more time looking out for their own interests than anything else. People want people to do the right things but when they actually do its, it is way too inconvenient for them so the dance carries on.