The War on Voting

I did a search, didn’t see a thread.

Anything to limit access to voting for people who work and/or don’t have the means to get to a polling location and/or time to wait 2 hours in line.


For a second I thought, huh, I vote by mail, maybe that’s a problem, but probably not in CA.

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They’re just going to keep cheating. The mask is off.

Any democrat not for auto registration and voting as a national mandatory paid holiday is either in on it or too stupid for me to support.


That’s nuts. I always vote in person because I don’t trust the mail or other people to enter my vote correctly. But I get that it’s a good idea for people house ridden and can’t get out

I have a friend who lives in Tucson and he told me the other day that he got his ballot in the mail, but it said that if his candidate didn’t make it in the primary then he doesn’t get to vote in the general? Anyone ever hear of that? Didn’t make sense to me and he didn’t read the whole thing. He must be misunderstanding it tho

CA GOAT has a ballot tracker you can use to check your vote by mail ballot’s status.

If anybody wants to wager on whether mail in ballots from poor and minority communities are thrown out at a higher rate than those from The Villages, I’ll lay -1000 on the “yes.”

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Every single moronic fuckwit they interviewed said, “Gee whiz, this seems like a bad idea. I can’t imagine why they would do this.”

As does Washington. Theyve been doing mail only ballots for forever and it seems like they have it down just fine. Main difference seems to be dem controlled state congress v rep controlled state congress

It’s not a requirement, it’s an ‘optional’ extra. The argument is that it can be used to more readily track down those voters who’s absentee ballots have been flagged as unsatisfactory in some way. Of course should someone opt not to provide the info it’ll readily be used as an excuse as to why it was impossible to contact them in time.

It’s also a super dumb security risk

Registration itself is undemocratic by its very nature. I don’t have to “register” in order to enjoy most other Constitutional rights, except for carrying a gun around in public which is ldo, why should I need to “register” to vote?


Automatic registration (or no registration required) is great. Mandatory voting is horrible.


I’ve voted in I think every election since I was 18 (might have missed some off presidential years ) but don’t agree. We didn’t join the country by choice. We were born into and it was forced on us. I don’t think you must participate in ruling (insofar as voting actually does) in order to complain about it.

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The signature match check is especially ripe for abuse these days since I believe all the signatures on file are collected via an electronic pad, which never look like anyone’s actual signature.


It probably means if he mails it in early, and his candidate drops out before Arizona’s primary, he doesn’t get to show up and vote again.

Maybe he’s doing revolution?

I’m not sure you and gregorio mean the same thing by “anarchy”.

Not sure who you’re talking about there. Marty is in Ireland I think. Gregorio is in Canada, but maybe somehow votes in US elections.

Northern Irish I think, so consistently receiving the crap end of the Westminster stick

Marty is in Northern Ireland. Their political parties, which are somehow totally different than the rest of the UK, are pretty bizarre.

I had my signature to vote challenged in person once. It took some lobbying to get the vote counted, which would not have been possible by mail. Wealthy white neighborhood.