The Walrus - master thread

This is a master thread to discuss Walrus meta, organise who will run upcoming Walrus games, and in time we can organize the inevitable migration of this forum and all registered users to Please keep all discussion regarding a particular Walrus being run to that particular game thread and show your host some love!

I like playing Walrus.


Who is willing to to host next? @mjiggy? @JohnnyTruant? @smrk4?

A thought - since this game seems to be continuing to be popular, I was thinking it might be nice to create a Walruspedia to easily link newcomers to. Imo it would be nice to set up some basic history and pay tribute to ChrisV for bringing the Walrus to these shores, give some tips on submissions, categories, etc. It might be something Micro could eventually copy from if he likes while he builds out Walrus site. Anyone else think this is a good idea? I would be happy to help set it up if people think it would be worthwhile.


I was thinking earlier about another format. Walrus Squared. Here is how it would work:

You would have X entrants - and each entrant had to do one category reveal. Obviously you don’t enter your own category, but every contestant is in the same boat. Ideally it would be anonymous.

So, before the game starts each person lists their category and a few suggestions about what they like. We would have one awesome person act as a middle person to collect all submissions for each host and pass them on for the person owning each category.

Then basically each person does their reveal in whatever order we decide on.


  • The hosting is shared, so it is less overhead for any one person.
  • Since each person is nominating a category of their choice you are still trying to cater to particular tastes.


  • It obviously loses the longer narrative of a singular host.
  • A little more organization before the game starts (I dont think this would be too bad as I would probably write a template to try and make it easier)

Thoughts? Let me know if I didn’t explain it very well.

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I’d be interested to hear from @Lawnmower_Man, @ChrisV, @miliboo, @LouisCyphre and others who played in early games but not since. Did something about the game turn you off? Do you just not have time to participate? Or something else?

Also @6ix but my guess is that he’s enraged by the forum’s disinterest in beep boop music.


Mostly a time thing for me. Also the last one I entered was the somewhat trainwrecky Rivaldo one, which took the wind out of my sails a bit. I looked at one since but found the categories challenging. Also, I tend to just read subscribed threads and not look at new threads, so I have no idea if there is even a signup happening right now, for instance. Might be an idea to have one thread where signups happen.

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I regret my performance as host. It was a turn-off to others, too, I’m sure. The community would love to have you OG contributors back, and I’ll opt out of participation if necessary.

I’ve tried to mute my abrasive manner since that debacle, but you guys shouldn’t have been made to feel that way.

:heart: :+1: :heart: :pray: :heart_eyes: :slight_smile:


Everyone remembers our walrus. All the others are a blur. :flex:


Reposting the idea for a forum-choice walrus.


Timing thing for me.

Yeah, mostly a time-thing for me too sadly. That should change in a months or two.

Cool beans. Still plugging away at my app. It really adds up to a lot of stuff. Will be ready for a test soon.

In the meantime I would judge one. Since I’m lame at judging it doesn’t take me so long. I might throw in some things that aren’t songs.


If I do one it’s going to be a fair bit later. My two cents, I’d slow things down, I’m burned out just following the reveals.

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I’m surprised to hear that. Good to know.

Not so keen on verdict by small committee. An important part of the enjoyment for me is reading/writing the write-ups. Not many will read everyone’s appraisal of each track.

If it’s the weight of critical opinion you’re after there’s plenty available on wiki.

Otherwise the current format works pretty well imo, and looking forward to what microbet’s enhancements will do.

I’m down for trying whatever the community thinks might be enjoyable. That said I actually don’t think I’m going to enter many more walruses because my music knowledge feels vastly inferior to ans narrower than most of the forum and I’m going to struggle to not be in the bottom for most judges. I did want to host one but time is a problem for me - perhaps if next week when I have a little extra alone time I’ll do one if there’s nothing doing on here. I will also be here to rail!

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but srsly i figured i shouldn’t bogart and instead let others play

if entrants are needed i’m always down


It was mostly bad timing. Walrus 6 and 7 came along and there were only a few days for submissions. I was very busy and didn’t want to half-ass it so I skipped them.
Since I wasn’t involved and still busy I haven’t kept up with those or later rounds. I will read up on them at some point and I will be back to participate.


Can we think up a format for a running walrus that is similar to that picture guessing game? In other words, the walrus does one entry at a time and the winner is the next walrus. Something like that. People can come and go as they please.