The unblockable Elon Musk is not serious and it's time to move on

Maybe we’ll have a good Twitter replacement when we hit 20,000 posts.

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Elon Sanctimonimusk


As little as two weeks ago, the top 50 replies would have been dragging Elon. They’ve changed the algorithm to promote paid blue checks over likes and retweets. If this doesn’t kill twitter, it’s going to create a completely alternate reality from what twitter has been.

Old twitter had lots of problems. But one good thing was that bullshit usually got called out, hard. This is transforming it into a propaganda site.

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He tagged the Babylonbee and I see their headlines when I peruse r/conservative. I can remember chuckling maybe once. Some examples:

“ Unemployed Guy’s Basement Selfie Video Crushes Fox News In Primetime Ratings”. It’s Tucker. Get it? Funny.

“ Nikki Haley tells Emperor Palpatine that South Carolina is an ideal place to build a Death Star”. Lol! Get it? She invited Disney to move to SC.


When I saw this meme yesterday, two words immediately popped into my head: Elon Musk.

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the heart of humor is a revealed truth that elon will murder to increase his share of resources


For context, Andrew is an SLS guy. But idk if Elon is making any new friends.

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Such EIS reviews typically take years, even decades, to complete…

Twitter keeps logging me out today; I don’t think I’ve had to enter my login/password for like a year at least. I don’t use their app, maybe they’re trying to force that now?

edit: Takes 3 times to successfully login, automatically shows the “For You” tab of tweets, when I go to the “Following” tab and refresh it logs me out completely. How do I book one of those space flights?


Browsing Twitter is only for the hardcore now.

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At first I thought “oh I guess it takes three attempts to log in now” and imagined an Elon tweet with a hand holding up three fingers in the “shocker” with some hilarious text like “Third time’s a charm!” or similar juvenile bullshit from the world’s wealthiest man, but I think it’s just really fucked up this time

you can’t search effectively anymore without logging in. not even clear why elom cares about that, advertising is not going to magically reappear. billionaires gonna billionaire, likely the simplest explanation

Tweet from Stephen King. The tweet is irrelevant, but every. single. reply. is a blue check. Have they gamed his account so that only blue checks are seen in his replies? I don’t really twitter much, 99.4% of my exposure to it comes from here. I don’t think I’ve ever made a tweet or a reply on there.

That’s how the replies look on every tweet now, it’s one of the biggest perks of paying $8.

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I’ll have a look at the feasibility of making a blue check tweet hiding browser extension this week. (Legacy verified accounts will be exempted).

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Doesn’t work on my machine.