The NHL Thread: It’s Back

Lets go Avs!
Goals for everyone!


Thx! Was surfing UP about to take day off nap never expecting a game to be on now. USA network for me. And Burakovsky for the lead.

Let me know when the draft starts.

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No natural rooting interest in this game. Which team has Corey Perry? I’ll root for the other team.

Avs are such a better team, would be a travesty if Dallas or Vancouver won today.

I also stumbled on this game by accident while scanning the TV listings at 4pm.

Dallas. I hate Dallas.

We deserve a Col/VGK west final.
Dal / Van would be such a downer

They have to prepare the building for the next game, and I guess they don’t want to risk a multi-ot nightmare.

Hopefully they start the wcf on sunday, and ecf on monday

Let’s see if this game can match the intensity of last night’s Islanders/Flyers 2OT game

My Golden Knights better come through

I’d say yes so far
shame so few will tune in

It didn’t even show up on my guide

Mine either. Watching L&O:SVU according to cable guide

Dallas to win in regulation +750?
I’ll buy that for $10

I threw 5 on +700 cuz of you

so now i have someone to blame?

No I’m blaming you

Your name is nhlnut you should know the winning bets for nhl

Compher? I hardly know her.

whelp, half way there

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We’re going to be so rich