The F1 Thread

Not sure how many people or any follow F1 but here is a thread for it.

I, like many others, started watching after Drive to Survive and have really enjoyed the last 5 or so races.

Austrian Grand Prix is tomorrow which is Max Verstappens home turf.

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*Red Bull’s home turf. :angry:


Checo fan club

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I will be up late as usual down under to watch this. Looks like it is going to be another close one. Mercedes getting close would make for a fun sprint and race.

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I had no idea what a sprint race was until I just googled it. Seems fun!


Ric biggest mistake was leaving RedBull but at least he got paid.

I guess in his defense the Mclaren car turns like a tractor with no brakes.

About that…

The pearl clutching from Sky commentators about the cheers when Ham crashed out is hilarious. British and Dutch fans are both doing it and who cares.

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About that…

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Maybe I should talk about Ferrari now.

That is a very close top 3 at least.

Yeah that was an exciting finish.

Tu felix Austria accelerate!

F1 Thread! Subscribed!

I’ve gotten way too into F1 last year. Happy to see a thread about it.

I’m still trying to figure out the sport. So far I know that car goes fast and Ferrari sucks at strategy.

I’m in the same boat. I think i’ve learned that pit/tire strategy is crucial and Lewis Hamilton is very fast, but also kind of a prima donna. LOL.

Add another in the Checo fan club

The first F1 race I went to was Zandvoort in the 80’s. Been following F1 on and off ever since and have been to several other races. So if you have questions then I should be able to answer them. Max Verstappen fan of course as a Dutch guy but also like Checo, Ricciardo, Vettel, Ferrari and Mclaren all for different reasons and think the current young drivers will deliver exciting races for a long time to come.