The COVID Files: Deep dive on MDs, DOs, MCATs & possibly Accountants

I work with a lot of big law associates, and all the ones I know are putting in way more than 40 hour weeks.

All this talk about law and medical schools is what the WH meant by “lid”.


Can we end/move the doctor derail?

Flagged my own post to alert a mod. Starts around post 250 give or take.


You mean the one that’s pretty much over?

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It’s more than 40 - but no where near 70. I’d say on average 50 hours a week is standard (although it won’t be consistent per week). If you’re at work 50 hours, you should bill about 45 which gets you to a bit over 2000 on the year.

I also feel that lots of people tend to focus on their worst weeks, and ignore the weeks when they weren’t that busy.

It certainly helps. The big law firms like putting that stuff in your bio on their Web site. They’d much rather point to your creds as an NYU or Georgetown or Columbia law review drone who clerked for Posner than all of that same stuff but you went to law school at Stetson.

Sounds like big government.

Maybe caffeine can fill us in, but my understanding is that is not really the case.

The number of medical school spots have gone way up in the last 20 years, but the number of residency spots has not similarly increased. The only way to get more of those is to get more (usually govt) funding. That’s not easy.

But are doctors in general doing anything to further suppress the number of residency spots available? I don’t know. It wouldn’t be surprising it if was happening in at least some specialties.

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No I mean the one that’s still going and has been going since ~post 250.

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Don’t know on this one. Would think that many specialties are holding back residency slots to ensure their pay

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Sure. But someone who went to Stetson is clerking for Posner approximately never, right?

I doubt more than 80% of biglaw billed hours are real and more than 40% are a good/efficient use of time. Biglaw is mainly a scam, at least at current billing rates. If you want to bill 8 real hours in a day you need to be in the office 10-12 hours.

I avg about 2 hours billed a day, that’s too low (it goes up if i have a solid/active case and writing to do) but it’s enough to live on. I think a reasonable amount would be 4 hours. I may take over a case where biglaw firm has billed $1M when I could have done better for $100k.

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Law school admissions are pretty lol. All the schools care about is their ranking, which is derived from GPA and LSAT score, maybe some bar passage rate.

Therefore, a 4.1 GPA from South Dakota State is better than a 3.5 in engineering from MIT. It is so fucking stupid.

I guess I was more talking about the control of residency spots being how they are protecting themselves rather than med school.

And the lawyer derail.

Or they don’t practice law. I know I don’t. And from what I can tell, you don’t. I couldn’t do the whole getting dressed up for work thing any longer (obv 1st world problems). I found a gig where jeans and a golf shirt everyday were cool. Though I haven’t worn anything but shorts since March.

But yeah, all the lawyers that I know that enjoy life are what you said. With the exception of someone I know who is doing God’s work as a PD. Shitty hours, awful clients, shitty pay. Loves the life.

I fixed it guys. New title that’s more appropriate.


I’d assume no, but that’s not necessarily true. It depends on the judge. If s/he likes your grades and your writing they might bring you in, you never know. It’s a crapshoot. It really depends on the judge. With the deplorajudges Moscow has rammed though in recent years, we are liable to see some Regent Law and Liberty Law clerks running amok very soon.

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Should I just start a new presidency thread?

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